Greg Miller & Colin Moriarty Quit IGN to Form Kinda Funny Games - The Lobby -

Greg Miller & Colin Moriarty Quit IGN to Form Kinda Funny Games – The Lobby

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Danny O’Dwyer and Chris Watters welcome the guys from Kinda Funny to talk about why they switched directions, and what to expect from them in the future!

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  1. I absolutely LOVE Kinda Funny. They've been clever, they've built up a following and capitalized on it. Maximum respect, and I love that its a great channel

  2. The whole time Danny's thinking . . .  "damn, I should quit and set up my own youtube channel and businesses, I don't need these Last of Us underscoring sons of bitches"

  3. funny how ign couldnt be bothered to make a video saying "hey these guys left our company and made a new channel", couldve adleast thrown it at the end of some random video . . .

  4. its funny how gamespot didnt even link their channel

  5. money hungry assholes wont stop talking about how they quit their jobs just so people will give them money.. pathetic

  6. Did not know they left that sucks 🙁 gonna miss them good luck to them though

  7. "Kinda Funny Games" What a fitting name, they're not that funny, boring to watch.

  8. ignore all the fat jokes and hate greg, you can be kinda annoying at times but I think your pretty cool, good at your job

  9. Good. IGN is retarded. Worst game reviews ever.

  10. Greg Miller is like that fat kid in primary school who looked a bit older than everyone else.

  11. Been a fan of Greg and Colins (along with the rest of Kindafunny) for a long time and hope they get stronger and stronger. They put out a lot of fun and informative content and speak directly to the viewers and consumers everyday, which is relatively unheard of in the gaming space and couldn't think of a better bunch of guys to kick it off

  12. thes sony fanboys were so biased on ign and gave higher rating to sony games. and they both have admitted they are sony fans and don't have xbox 

  13. This is so bizarre.  I actually rather respect Colin and Greg… but this move is kind of whack.  And the worst possible time to be doing it.  There's all sorts of articles out there, from experts in finance etc, saying the economy is on the brink of total collapse, that it could crumble any day, etc (it happened to Russia and other countries, not impossible to think it could happen here in the US).  Now, whether it does or not, the hypothetical that needs to be considered is IF it does… patreons are going to drop to $0… nobody will have the money to throw at them anymore.  Businesses will also be hit hard, meaning IGN will have to tell them, "sorry, we don't have the funding to hire anybody, we can't take you back".

    Even more bizarre that not so long ago, the idea of sitting at home making t-shirts, youtube videos, and running fund-raisers was the "desperate" end of the spectrum… people WANTED to have that steady, jet-setting, benefits-included, secure and solid regular paycheck… now it's the complete opposite.  Can you imagine the scenario of them going in to do their podcast, running into old IGN coworkers, saying hi, and each asking what's new and what they're up to.  IGN staff would be all, "oh yeah, we're just about to fly off to E3, talk to these huge personalities, be in conferences, be put up in awesome hotels", etc… while when asked they're answer would be, "oh yeah, well, we have to get home soon, so we can lock ourselves in our spare bedroom, make a new YouTube video, and pop out a new t-shirt"… WTF? o_O

    I mean heck yeah, who wouldn't want to do that and make money from it… other problem is, EVERYBODY seems to be doing that these days.  How long until there's a massive oversaturation of all these people quitting their jobs, trying to stay at home making money off of Patreon, Kickstarter, YouTube, etc.  Angry Joe does… WoWFony was doing it, then came out of it taking up a job with ZAM, now Greg Miller and Colin Moriarty are doing it… there's also been tons of others doing it.  Heck, one of the biggest hotplate issues of GamerGate was Patreons, and people getting funding to sit around making YouTube videos… even Anita Sarkeesian, Jim Sterling, etc, for crying out loud!  There's only so many that can do it, until there's going to be that awkward situation of too many jumping to that side, realizing, "well, someone's gonna have to go back to work to be able to keep funding this… we can't ALL do this, can we!?". _  (Pretty much like two sides of a scale!)

    EDIT: Just mind-blowing… I still remember when Kickstarter and the like were to fund actual products… like game production, item-design, concept-fabrication, etc… now they're being utilized to be like, "pay my rent, food, bills, and utilities, so I can hop in front of the camera for you like a clown while I bark like a dog and clap like a seal".

  14. amazing hw IGN literally has NO mention of Greg and Colin leaving, especially since they WERE IGN! besides, shouldnt IGN release a statement about why theyre leaving and wish them the best of luck? i know, it sounds cliche, but it just seems rude and odd why IGN wouldnt acknowledge them leaving :/

  15. I'm going to start watching IGN again just because Max Scoville is there now.

  16. I hate most critics…Being an expert rather than a creator has never sat well with me

  17. Theres an option on their patreon to donate 3K, with a limited space to donate 2K. This is laughable.

  18. I stopped looking at ign page, there were so much work done by colin and greg and when they left ign became just bad with worse articles.

  19. I haven't really gotten onto kindafunny, but I really like listening to Colin and Greg. Hopefully when they get into the swing of things i'll start listening to them again. Beyond and Joe Rogan Podcast use to be my regular podcasts.

  20. i unsuscribe ign because of the content made by these guys, so this is great news.

  21. where can I get a poster of lee and clementine that is on the wall???

  22. I don't get how this Greg guy won trending gamer. I have NEVER heard of him 😂

  23. Holy Shit! That's the same CMoriarty from GameFAQs? I've used his Walkthroughs for years! I had no idea! In the words of Kosmo Kramer: "You just blew my mind!"

  24. Colin and Greg were the face of IGN, once they left I sorta left.

  25. Reading all the old comments shitting on these guys is hilarious. "They're channel is stupid and it won't last a year." "Oh their content sucks." Jokes on you jackasses.

  26. lol then Danny did leave and worked at KindaFunny

  27. Little did they know Colin would be invited to leave KF and Danny would replace him…

  28. Funny because Danny started to work at kinda funny

  29. And now Colin is doing his own thing. As well as Danny O’Dwyer with NoClip and then Greg, Nick and Tim at Kinda Funny still

  30. It’s kinda odd that Greg joked about Danny leaving and joining Kinda Funny and then he actually did.. haha unreal

  31. Now Greg wont even talk to Colin despite Colin reaching out. Absolutely fucking pathetic.

  32. All the haters here 3 years ago can eat their words

  33. GameSpot employed racist ass Danny otool?

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