Greg & Barrett Play the BEST(?) Spider-Man Game -

Greg & Barrett Play the BEST(?) Spider-Man Game

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Barrett and Greg go into the vault and play a hidden gem?!

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  1. I'm too late for this to really be acknowledged but out of all the Spiderman games I feel like Ultimate Spiderman doesn't get nearly enough love. I've even replayed that as an adult and still loved that game.

  2. Best combat and black suit rendition of all Spider-man games by a mile. Pretty great web swinging and traversal as well

  3. I own a 360 copy, but it's not backwards compatible for new gens though unfortunately

  4. Barrett look up pics of Peter Dinklage as front man of a punk ska band 😂❤🎉 it made my day

  5. The game was amazing back when it released. It obviously pales in comparison to the newer Spider-Man games though.

  6. Still better than the woke Spider-Man we got last year

  7. Played it. Liked it. 6 out 10. Janky as all heck, the graphics were pretty bad even then, the story was interesting but not well executed, the voice acting was terrible funny and campy but terrible.

    Edit: added note you can like something even if it's not liked the best. Friend of my to this day says that Resident Evil operation Raccoon City is the best RE game of all time. I disagree with that but his personal enjoyment of it is genuine and really on a personal level that's all that should matter.

  8. Happy to help saving the stream 😀

    PS: I can confirm Dualsense works on this game same Bluetooth way

  9. Really was the best spiderman game till insomniac.

  10. I had to order a special dongle to get my PS4 controller to work on all games on the PS3.

  11. Greg, go back and play Iron Man for the PS3.


  12. It was the best… before super hero games got good

  13. Spider-Man 2 PS5 better

    But this one still good

  14. Spiderman's voice is soooooo fucking funny lmao

  15. Best Spiderman game? This was the best superhero game until Insomniac's Spiderman 2

  16. Bro learn to webstrike. There's depth here

  17. for retro game issues. it was me as a kid renting a console. Then making a run then someone saved over it when i returned to rent it 2 days later

  18. The web strike stuff was really cool once i learned it

  19. Sony fans have playing the same game for 20 years 😂

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