Gotham Knights Skips Last-Gen Consoles - Kinda Funny Games Daily 05.10.2022 -

Gotham Knights Skips Last-Gen Consoles – Kinda Funny Games Daily 05.10.2022

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Greg and Gary talk about the updates and new footage for WB Montreal’s Gotham Knights, EA and FIFA officially breaking up, and a BUNCH of sales reports!

Time Stamps –
00:00:00 – Start
00:02:00 – Housekeeping
KFW is live on! Jeff Grubb goes way too far and hurts the one and only Imran Khan!
Thank you to our Patreon Producers: Anonymous & FargoBrady
The Roper Report –
00:05:00 – Gotham Knights Dumps PS4 and Xbox One – Kinda Funny Games Daily 05.10.22, Michael McWhertor @ Polygon
00:10:13 – Does this announcement make you more confident about the game’s potential quality or more concerned? – Best Friends Q:Grezick
00:20:50 – Sony expects to ship 56% more PS5s this year, and claims ‘demand is higher than that’ Jordan Middler n@ VGC
00:26:30 – EA and FIFA Officially Split, Joe Skrebbels @ IGN
00:33:28 – Ad
00:35:36 – PlayStation Is Putting $300 Million More Into First-Party Games, and Aiming for ‘Multiple Platforms’ Ryan Dinsdale @IGN
00:41:40 – Sony isn’t concerned about recent PS Plus subscriber dip and has ‘great expectations’ for its revamp, Andy Robinson @ vgc
00:46:10 – Pokemon Sales, Wesley LeBlanc @ GI
00:47:00 – Advance Wars still MIA, Darryn Bonthuys @ GameSpot
00:49:00 – Switch could pass PS2, Eddie @ GameSpot
00:52:55 – The Division 2 Season 9: Hidden Alliance is Coming This Week After a Lengthy Hiatus, Richard Walker @ PlayStation Trophies
00:57:00 – Nintendo Indie World Tomorrow!
00:59:20 – Out today
01:02:00 – You‘re Wrong
Tomorrow’s Hosts:Blessing and Janet

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  1. Gotham Knight just don’t look good. The combat looks stiff and doesn’t flow like the Arkham games. The character models look off especially without their masks.

  2. Have you heard about the xbox server outages and how people still can't access media they've paid for and own? I didn't think so eyeroll

  3. Gotham knights looks isolated.where were the npcs? Civilians to interact with?like for side quests

  4. I'm glad that Last Gen is ending. It is time to transition. That said Gotham Knights Looks Rough. Hope it's better than than it currently looks.

  5. Still not reporting about the recent Xbox xcloud outages
    I see….

  6. These next gen only games have hopefully low sales expectations as no one can actually buy a effen new gen console because of the shortages.
    Very stupid decisions by company's but then wondering why there games don't sell as much.

  7. Nice to have Gary on the Fifa conversation. Worth noting that them changing the name doesn’t impact having player likeness as that is controlled by Fifpro – the players union.

  8. I appreciate Greg's joke to Kevin about Madden being a senior when Kevin was a junior. 👏

  9. Still no talk about the Xbox outage and drm. Smh. It was the biggest news over the weekend and they totally ignored it. 🤔

  10. You won't get a new nintendo system until 2024, no revisions or stuff like that

  11. I might get some hate for this, but I for one am glad about this news. Better to commit to a next gen version that have deal with the constraints of last gen. Im sorry, but I think its better in the long run. I know I was lucky to get a PS5, and trust me, it was work. staying up all night for three days while simotainously trying four sites at once . Finally got one from Costco the last day. It took me a month to get it shipped to me, but still totally worth it.

  12. Honestly I have 0 interest in this game. Then again I didn’t care for the Arkham games either 🤷🏻‍♂️

  13. I find it fascinating that the entirety of Kinda Funny / Games REFUSES to address the Microsoft/ Xbox always online DRM issues that have been ongoing for over 2 days now. In the mean time they gave a Softball interview to Halo's 343 DEV team that basically amounts to a 30+ minute PR spill on X-cast. Is there a way to see how much X-box/Microsoft is paying Kinda Funny ATM. Or maybe the entire team are just that balls deep on Phil Spencer's lap.

  14. Gotham Knights looks really mediocre, current gen or last. For what those games used to be, this looks just depressing.

  15. Absurd to bring up Cyberpunk as a reason to not ship on last generation when that was an anomaly. Cross gen games have existed forever. Horizon Forbidden West, Miles Morales, Halo Infinite all came out last gen and next generation and were totally fine. I don’t think this game looks to have anything that needs next gen and I’m assuming it will be similar to Cyberpunk, but in the sense that Gotham Knights may be very janky and they’re ditching last gen in hopes to fix it. But with CP77, we saw that didn’t work. Next generation CP77 is still janky and I assume Gotham Knights will be too.

  16. Over selling it Garry. Say no more. We're there.

  17. Gotham Knights looked rough :/. Combat looks not great and not sure why they decided to change what worked in the Arkham games. Also that UI was rough.

  18. Goodbye Last Gen also a lot people forgot in the comments section that ps5 and series x are still difficult to find in the stores due to scalpers,bots and the semiconductor chip shortage crisis which doesn't seem to have an ending anytime soon don't be shocked if you see pro versions of these consoles later down the line

  19. Being a gaming podcast is the PlayStation Plus tier's really that confusing? I understand a casual gamer being confused tho. I like some of Gary's takes but wow is he privileged when he complains about updating a game and doing a bit of research.

  20. I know a lot of people are saying goodbye last gen consoles but did you all forget that next gen consoles are still hard to get.

  21. This happened a lot last generation. Previously announced PS3/X360 versions of Dying Light and Mortal Kombat X were cancelled. I still expect there to be a few last-gen releases even next year though.

  22. In the most respectful way possible: barret, please try to limit the amount of times you say “uh” or “uhm”… its probably subconscious at this point but it’s a bad habit for public speaking

  23. Wow so we’re really getting Gotham Knights and Hogwarts during the same time

  24. If they truly can't do it on older gen, then I understand, but…I want them to explain that. Just dropping the news after promoting it as cross-gen is really deflating to those of us who can't get PS5 yet.

  25. Gary is on point with the next-gen only stuff, I understand where Greg is going with ''This doesn't look next gen to me'' but it will happen with Unreal Engine 5 as well where people wouldn't think the game was made on UE5 rather than UE4. Games being made for next-gen only unlock the potential that was previously limited by last-gen hardware but the work still have to be made and you gonna see good and bad games regardless of the engine used or whatever or not those games are made for next-gen only or not. I want to see a huge gap in all games made by every dev teams but I expect the more talented ones like Insomniac Games to make the most use of moving to next-gen only.

  26. It’s wild how Arkham Knight looks better graphically….

    I’m happy they removed the enemy health bar and xp points after strikes, but some of this does not look good. The traversal looks rough, with Nightwing’s fortnite glider and whatever the fuck Red Hood is doing. Why wouldn’t you just have them glide??

    I never liked the RPG elements since day one. I don’t want gear in this game. Just give me a great campaign. I have faith because some of it looks solid, so we’ll see how it turns out.

  27. At this point it looks like I won't be getting a PS5 until/if a Pro version comes out. I would like one now but where I live you just can't get one. And I will not buy from a scalper. Oh well. 1st world problems.

  28. The way it should’ve been since 2020. PS4 is over.

  29. The environment of the city looks like it has some pretty extensive fog and lighting effects, I could see it either running like trash on last gen, or having to make visual compromises. Easy for me to say considering I have a Series S, but I don't mind that they want to focus on current stuff. I just hope there are more consoles available for people come October.

  30. Loved all the batman games but can't get into knights

  31. The bit about FIfa and licenses couldnt have been worse. Cmon guys, if you wanna talk about it do a bit of research. Also PES does not exist and you dont play as “gristiano ronaldo” even if there was no MU license lol.

  32. Gregg: How are you Gary?
    Gary: Well good but Sony really droppes the ball eh unlike Microsoft
    Gregg: Ok, I'm good too

  33. Miles Morales is next-gen over Returnal?

  34. That glider that Nightwing has looks like lazy game design. They just took the same thing from multiple other games. Looks boring as hell.

  35. They should’ve called the new fifa EAfa 😆

  36. I’llKidnap1000ChildrenBeforeILetThisCompanyDie ! says:

    Cuntda funny games daily

  37. I'm so out of touch with football that I didn't even know FIFA was an actual organization. I thought it was just a name for the game

  38. Target security here. baby formula is one of the most stolen items from the stores so they can resell for a lot of money for the shortages

  39. Gary's kinda pissing me off. why does he keep going on about KFW? shoulds like some entitled child. Stand down Whitta.

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