Ghostbusters Game from Friday The 13th Devs?! - Kinda Funny Games Daily 10.04.21 -

Ghostbusters Game from Friday The 13th Devs?! – Kinda Funny Games Daily 10.04.21

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Blessing and Tim (and an invading Greg) talk about the INTERESTING reveal of a Friday The 13th video game from Illfonic of Predator Hunting Grounds and Friday The 13th fame.

Time Stamps –
00:00:00 – Start
00:05:20 – Housekeeping
TOMORROW, Andy and I are taking part in Panda’s All Star Nickvitational; a HUGE Nickelodeon All Star Brawl tournament featuring a bunch of big YouTubers and streamers like Ovilee, Moist Critikal, Ludwig, and more. It’s all to raise charity for The Breast Cancer Research Foundation.
WE need YOUR help. Competitors in the tournament and their communities have 1 week to raise money to bid on their favorite character. That’s based on the money you donate. Right now you can go to and to donate so that we can bid on the character of our choice. Spoilers, I really want Toph from Avatar. And remember that money all goes to The Breast Cancer Research Foundation.
The tournament is happening on Tuesday, October 5th (tomorrow) at noon PT on
If that’s not enough Blessing content for you, this week you’re getting another episode of The Blessing Show. That’s my monthly show where I break down a hot topic for you in video games.This month’s episode is loopy as hell. Make sure to check that out THIS Thursday on
AND the first episode of The Arkham Files, a Kinda Funny Games Mini-Series where Barrett looks back at what makes each of the Batman: Arkham games so special, premieres next Monday, October 11th, on at 2:30pm PT. Join Barrett in the live chat and talk with him about why Arkham Asylum is still a masterclass in design.
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The Roper Report –
00:09:59 – Ghostbusters is the next game from Illfonic – Chris Capel @ PCGamesN
00:30:07 – Ed Boon is gonna be at DC Fandome! – James Troughton @ TheGamer
00:36:23 – Ad
00:40:00 – Capcom says it will make PC its ‘main platform’ going forwards – Andy Robinson @ VGC
00:45:10 -Phil Spencer expects Xbox console shortage to extend into 2022 – Danielle Partis @ GIBiz
00:49:20 – Sony is Testing Free PS5 Game Trials – Jared Moore @ IGN
00:52:10 – Toph from Avatar: The Last Airbender Is Coming To Nickelodeon All-Star Brawl – Zack Zweizen @ Kotaku
00:56:15 – Out today
00:59:15 – Squad Up:Luke(PS5) – LukeSkywalkr1
01:00:02 – You‘re Wrong
Tomorrow’s Hosts: Greg and Tam

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  1. "How dare you stand where he stood" Greg is the true King of Halloween! 🎃

  2. Thank god the true king of Halloween is here

  3. I can’t believe one of my favorite singers/producers Raphael Saadiq is co owner of Illfonic 🤯

  4. I couldn’t be happier to see the true Halloween King on KFGD again. That other guy was a poser.

  5. Blessing be looking different today 👀🎃

  6. Let's put up this out there for the last reveal and dream big. The final character should be Spider-Man! Imagine all of the MvC2 music in smash! #FreeMVC2

  7. Tony Toni Toné Raphel Saddiq ?!? 🤯🤯

  8. Hold on…Raphael Saadiq…Tony, Toni, Tone….my anniversary…how does it feel…splash waterfalls….producer for acts like joss stone, kelis, tlc, Mary j blige, little dragon, the bee gees, the roots, Whitney houston, erykah badu, earth wind and fire, Lionel richie, miguel, big krit, rick ross, qtip, and snoop dogg himself…..that guy….helped make Friday the 13th, Predator, and is about to make a GHOSTBUSTERS GAME!?!? how did I not know this!?!? Talk about black excellence….learn something new everyday, I'll be damned!

  9. That trial period download shit sounds fucking ridiculous….. why?!

  10. Greg doesn't need to be the "Halloween" king when your the king of Kinda Funny. Go ahead and have your one day bless. Now go get Greg his coffee.

  11. At this point Greg and Bless just need to fight for the title of KING! Backyard wrestling match???? Or maybe a match of Nidhogg????

  12. Do a competition. Whoever can get the biggest Halloween star to show up on October 29th’s KFGD is the official King of Halloween.

    Is this just a ploy for me to see David S Pumpkins talk about videogames? Honestly who can say and who really cares as long as it happens?

  13. There's still a lotta shows Nick Brawl has yet to add. Jimmy, Timmy, Jenny, Bessie, anyone from Rocket Power, Snap, Angry Beavers, Rocko, Tuff Puppy, anyone from CatScratch, list goes on…

  14. am I the only one that loathes the "King of Halloween" schtick

  15. What if the final smash character… is Sakurai???

  16. I'm sorry, but anyone who doesn't know what the colors of Halloween are cannot claim the title of "King of Halloween". Love ya Bless but there's just no coming back from that blunder haha.

  17. Thinking about the ghostbusters game and thinking that it would be 4 ghosts harassing the area or civilians and 1 ghostbuster hunting them all down

  18. Blessing is on point with the Halloween suit, the shades, the hair – what a king.

  19. Don’t know why Tim expects all star brawl to be bad. It has the right team and mechanics and everything we’ve seen is solid. It doesn’t have the budget to fill out all the bells and whistles, but it has to earn that for the sequel. It’s not going to dethrone snag, but I just assume he hasn’t actually been watching any of the reveals or breakdowns, otherwise he’d probably have a very different expectation.

  20. i will die on the hill that Sakurai should be the final character. let the master live on forever in his creation.

  21. I hope the ghost busters game works more like a third person shooter

  22. Man last year and this time; it still sounds like Blessing says Dongtober! Lol!

  23. Ya know Greg, if Ghostbusters just started development, and like most games say gets a 1 year delay, it could be somebodies first video game ever.

  24. Pretty sure the last fighter is sakurai himself, he deserves it

  25. WTF Toni Toni Toni has a video game company ?

  26. Blessings is one fake Halloween fan. He's just trying so hard at the point. Hell i bet he has no Halloween decorations at his place.

  27. I just want to say I don't like this. We all know Greg is the true king of Halloween.

  28. When Tim says Halo's campaign didn't look great last we saw it, does that include the last E3 footage? I thought everyone agreed that was a marked improvement?

  29. Yo Bless, please keep the hair – fits you even better than the shaved look!

  30. Well I think that's enough Ghostbusters talk
    Skip skip skip
    Greg: so back to the question, what do I want from a Ghostbusters game-
    Skip skip skip
    Greg: Ghostbusters to me is-
    Skip skip skip skip skip skip
    Greg: …Target of course decked out in Ghostbusters stuff

  31. If netherrealm gets shackled to warner bros they need to make a looney tunes fighter i wanna scrap people up with bugs bunny or elmer fudd

  32. Blessing and Tim didn't say I love you back Wtf guys

  33. Gonna thrown this out there. What if the last character is a real person? Miyamoto, Sakurai or Iwata?

  34. The real King of Halloween would know that purple is a Halloween color. Orange and black? All hail the King of Construction

  35. Pc is realy not my thing. To much problems with stuff that dosen't work.

  36. Dam the one true King of Halloween: Blessing Jr. is here 👏👏👏👏

  37. That’s so dope Pythagorean Saadiq is the cofounder of Illfonic and when you look at the name that makes perfect sense

  38. Seems like Sony isn't instantly giving up on developers if their first game doesn't deliver any more. They're supposedly making Twisted Metal with Lucid despite Destruction Allstars being given away for free. And now they may be publishing a Ghostbusters game by Illfonic.

    I wish they were this forgiving in the early 2010s. Ready at Dawn (The Order 1886, God of War PSP) and Superbot (Playstation All-Stars) both had massive potential. Should have grabbed them up when they had the chance.

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