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The best Game Fails from episode 101-199. Enjoy!

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  1. This bridge in uncharted 2 is the most cursed thing ever I have died like 10 times in a row because of those glitches

  2. 7:12 capture el momento justo donde aparece el auto, tipo apenas se ve pq lo cpture en el momento justo JAJAJJAA

  3. عـاقـشقة الـما ولـين عـلي!.. says:

    من طرف اوسمز

  4. Wouldnt it just be the best to find out alot of these the devs actually put in just to fuck with you or make you think youre crazy. 😂 Like the, You have a new email clip. 😂

  5. 1:16 Hope shes protected in this game, shes clearly not in conditions to fight. (Or to live Lmao)

  6. 15:14 Thats clearly an unfair fight, the person seems to be cheating. Those moves shouldnt even be allowed, they seem to challenge Physics a little

  7. The only thing even remotely funny in gta is something to do with a car and it's stale

  8. 7:36 ahahaahahahaha really?? I knew it! Thats why i dont like football…

  9. The one at 6:50 isn't a fail. The paramedic is obviously trying to give CPR to the ambulance since it had a crash and is no longer breathing.

  10. 15:56 oka I didnt expected the czech substitles damn
    as czech person I am happy to see it

  11. most of these aren't even glitches, how the fuck do people like this have successful channels

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