Funny Japanese Game Show Slippery Stairs Just Hilarious -

Funny Japanese Game Show Slippery Stairs Just Hilarious

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  1. The Japanese have found the pinnacle of comedy

  2. Next level funny and intresting game

  3. Who else noticed the Eurobeat Indiana Jones music?

  4. Who else wanted to watch this cause why tf not

  5. Yellow man is definitely very clever

  6. I mean you can't blame the yellow player

  7. dang japans a vibe they know what they're doing w gameshows

  8. Someone noticed that twi tab over they are keep addin the sliperry solution to slip🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 super funny

  9. I wanna join so bad! Japan has the most coolest game shows <3

  10. This game show is literally The embodiment of The staying don’t give up

  11. Dude in red was a menace!!! 🤣🤣🤣 yall see him do a legit splits while he was sliding down so he could take everyone out 💀💀

  12. The Red is so powerful HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH LT

  13. Imagine if the world was frictionless, would be this with a lot more interesting obstacles.

  14. If i tried wining that i would die laughing trying

  15. The red one is the goat 🐐. He never leave a man behind to go down with lol 😂

  16. I love how the music changes from them being back to the beginning and close to the top. Comedy at the bottom boss fight at the top.

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