Funny Games/ Violência gratuita LEGENDADO (2007) -

Funny Games/ Violência gratuita LEGENDADO (2007)

Maria da Penha Silva
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Filme “Violência gratuita” (funny games) 2007 legendado

Sínopse: Casal rico curte o início das férias com o filho em uma casa à beira de um lago. Logo após a chegada, são abordados por dois jovens ameaçadores, que fazem a família refém, submetendo-a a um jogo de perversão, violência e humilhações.

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  1. Movies not amazing but pretty good. It takes a lot of chances and I really respect that.

  2. Now this is exactly why I would never ever live in the woods

  3. I love this movie. And I know this goes against the whole point of it. But that damn dad had so many opportunities to disrupt things.

  4. The family was so pathetic and made very poor decisions, very slowly

  5. Or if John Wick came in and saved the family

  6. That stare at the end really gave me the chills


  8. 【マルプー】いぬぬちゃんねる- puppy channel says:


  9. Americano é preguiçoso pra caralho, vão assistir o original!!

  10. Eu vi esse filme no "Você Sabia" e tinha nota alta, então resolvi assistir

  11. João Vitor de Moura do Espírito Santo says:

    Ok, a cena do controle remoto é realmente uma bosta, mas o filme é legal

  12. Best! I play the Soundtrack to my neighbors every day 3am

  13. 19:39 Doggo dies.
    29:23 first time he looks at us. (The viewer)
    37:18 (Lies)

    41:12 First time He speaks to us. (The viewer)

    51:53 "You shouldn't forget The Importance of entertainment." (Kind of a Nod at the viewer)
    58:24 "Pull the trigger Pow!"
    1:26:40 "Anne?" golf ball
    1:28:46 "We want to Entertain Our audience Right? Show them what we can do."
    1:30:02 2nd time he talks to us (The viewer)
    1:32:48 "Where the hell are we?" (I think this is a Nod because… They are In a Christ loving Home.)
    1:35:10 The world where If they fuck up, they can rewind time.
    1:38:13 We could all be a game, maybe…
    1:42:34 Last time he looks at us (The viewer) Because, he knows that we all just watched him, Kill a family and his gonna do it again.

  14. Why do latin american write : LEGENDADO behind anything

  15. wtf the ending really startled me, the way he stare gave me chills and that freaking bgm

  16. It's will be f*cking satisfying if at this moment 1:38:14, she can fights back and kill them…

  17. I've never wanted to jump into a movie so bad, just to hit 2 people over the head with a bat. Really well acted bravo for real.

  18. Esse filme é mt pesado,não deveriam fazer filmes assim,inspiram a crianças e adolescentes a cometer crimes.

  19. Who takes that shit from these dorks. Knock these fucks out and throw there asses in the lake

  20. até agora estou passada com a cena do controle remoto…então é um game q não tem over…mas de onde eles vêem ???? 😲😲😲😨
    acho q só Lovecraft pode explicar…😆😎

  21. 38:57 “he’s jaded and disgusted by the emptiness of existence.. It’s hard, it really is”
    He is being truthful

  22. U know they reached a whole other level of visceral horror when he put on NASCAR 😱

  23. Gotta love the Yamato eye and John zorn Naomi threw in at the beginning

  24. Always trust dogs, they sents pheromons of stress, nervosity, angry (bad people are often like this). My dog has barking two times only on men in streets, and a few moment after they try to injury me, so…….

  25. attempts to jump fence, is halfway over the fence, and turns around. stupid idiot kid. nevertheless, amazing superb film! thanks for the upload!

  26. Not a single movie in this world made me rage more than this one, it is indeed a very physiological.

  27. im here from tiktok 🙂 bruh this reminds me of Mother! bc of weird strangers coming into the house uninvited and causing trouble

  28. This family had absolutely no fight in them. Just sat there and played these punks stupid funny games. Also that remote scene is dumb.

  29. This movie reminds me exactly of what USA did to all countries in the Middle East 🌚, those guys and america behave the same

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