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  1. Got really confused at first when they were speaking English. Totally forgot that this movie was remade. Not going to watch that again though

    Edit: Also I quite prefer the original to the remake. (though I've only seen the clips of the remake shown here) I loved Peter in the original because he was really good at masking his emotions. In this version it's a bit too blunt. Also I think the casting was quite better in the first. (and Arno Frisch was weirdly attractive)

  2. This movies message seems like “Fuck you” in the best and worst of ways. Fuck you for watching it, fucking you for expecting there to be happiness, fuck you for letting this happen, and fuck you that’s how the movie ends

  3. Its one of my favourite films in my top 10

    Inspired me to start film making

  4. Superman and Goku wouldn’ t fight… why should they?

  5. The film may be oh so clever etc but personally found it tedious, the main characters unbelievable in their stupidity and ultimately boring

  6. After browsing 4chan for years this movie was cathartic

  7. moral of the story
    always pay attention to your dog

  8. I declined to watch after the spoiler warning, and then it became clear that I have actually seen this. All came rushing back.

    Totally agree that CITW would have been improved by playing it straight for a bit. 10 minutes at the very least. Still like that movie though.

  9. Horror films: the reason I will never open my door to a stranger…ever.

  10. In the version I saw , you see the kid getting shot

  11. honestly I personally didn't find the "boring" parts all that boring I think they actually served to elevate the suspense as both you and the victims honestly don't know whats going to happen next or how they're going to get out of this situation and it filled me with a sense of terror and excitement instead of boredom

  12. Funny Games is my favourite movie, it has dark tones, pretty good acting and a good plot twist. I always have to explain to my friends why this is my favourite movie now I'm just gonna send them this video.

  13. Superman, coz Goku s a fictional character.

  14. John Zorn is not a parody of death metal it's acid jazz and grind core.

  15. I hated the movie. I stopped half way through because i read the plot they got away after everything they did.

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