Funny Games U.S Intro -

Funny Games U.S Intro

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Song: Bonehead – Naked City


  1. I prefer the 2007 remake tbh, the style is on point

  2. I live how there is only one soundtrack in this film. Any song you hear is actually happening in the movie

  3. And to think that Haneke wanted to do 1997's Funny Games originally in the USA

  4. Una de las peliculas de terror y cine art mas frustantes que eh visto. Y la verdad es que me encanta.

  5. This actually starts with bone head, then seamlessly leads into hellraiser, by naked city

  6. The whole album is awesome! It's called torture garden. The band is naked city led by John zorn

  7. Haneke being a John Zorn fan just makes perfect sense somehow.

  8. Anyone know if this intro was inspired by David Lynch's Wild at Heart?

  9. Una de las mejores secuencias de aperturas de la historia del cine. Y la peli en si esta buena 😱😈🤟

  10. Pointless remake for mouthbreathing americans

  11. I swear the music sounds like an orgy that turned into a massacre

  12. First time i heard it i thought the movie had not intended to add tht in

  13. Fucking Naked City crashed my thirteenth birthday party and Yamatsuka shit all over my birthday cake!

  14. Literally that punch of music made me on edge for the rest of the whole movie. So fucking effective, oh my god Hankie-chan

  15. Somebody should do a mashup of a pharmaceutical commercial with this so when the side effects kick in Bonehead starts.

  16. a representation of beauty and chaos working together in harmony

  17. I LOVE this opening sequence. Perfect for setting the tone for the rest of the movie.

  18. Michael Haneke builds up a lot of angst here, just by the music, and of course the happiness being too perfect. This is such a masterful opening to one of the best films I've ever seen.

  19. I don't know of another movie remake that is downright shot-for-shot like this, not that its bad just bizarre watching the two side by side.

  20. For a minute I was like why are there two pianos driving down the street lol.

  21. I love this so much. Feels like this scene expresses how I feel all the time. Pleasant on the outside and completely full of rage on the inside

  22. The song “Croakies and Boatshoes” by Between the Buried and Me would have also fit perfectly here.

  23. Naked City is actually a really cool, weird band. Truly nothing like most other bands.

  24. Im here comparing to the original Haneke version… Ive always refused to see the modern english version… anyway this is the greatest cinema intro of all times. The german version of course!!!

  25. I would have assumed that was edited in as a joke if the film's Wikipedia entry didn't mention the song being in it.

  26. what is the name of the opera that plays before the title?

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