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Funny Games Trailer

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Trailer for upcoming film “Funny Games”


  1. The worst movie on fucking earth I don’t care if the director was clever but this movie is fucked up and I wasted time watching it and the fucking ending 🙂 man this shit gave me anxiety and the ending is fucked up

  2. why doesnt anyone just say i dont want to play anymore/ "lets play a different game"

  3. bad acting ……. everything is bad about this movie raiting -1 worst movie ever !

  4. I really expected more. I was hoping for a more creative ending and that remote omg. So fantasy.

  5. It was one of the top 10 movies I watched until the remote scene came up.In my opinion that scene destroyed the whole movie

  6. Wicked Movie. A movie don't put much gore but still left you stressed and disturbed

  7. I was not nearly as entertained by this as I thought I would be but hey I watched it from beginning to end so I'll give it that. I wish I had watched this before "The Strangers" though.

    Also, it's not so much the remote scene that I found bizarre. It's the fact that I didn't question why Paul was frantically looking for a remote after Peter was shot.

  8. What a fucking stupid movie! Boring as hell, and pointless. Back to torture porn, at least it makes sense.

  9. Fucking hate this movie. No point at all. It was painful to watch.

  10. Not a particularly well made trailer that just really doesn't match the mood of the actual film, but then again when you think about it,Funny Games is a difficult film to be made into a trailer.

  11. "You shouldn't forget the importance of entertainment." I don't know to laugh or to get terrified.

  12. Lesson, call 911 if someone ask for your eggs.

  13. for me its like a modern version of the Shinnig

  14. I have to be honest, if you’ve seen this movie and hated it there is a good reason for it. The movie is black comedy personified. This movie is pure creative energy. If you look at this movie as a horror movie you’ll be disappointed, if you look at it as self-aware comedy it’s a masterpiece. Listen closely to the ending, there is a point in the movie where he rewinds the movie to prevent dying, he breaks the fourth wall multiple times. After watching this recently I established a whole new appreciation for it. I watched it when it came out and enjoyed it but I have to say I enjoy it a lot more now and see it as a must have to my collection.

  15. Even the trailers shot by shot to the original

  16. It was ver well done….dont let this movie fuck with your head too much, ifnit does then maybe you need to be exposed to more of the harsh truths that exist in this world, this movie is more realistic than your average romantic comedy, 99 times out of 100 when a family is at the mercy of 2 psychopaths the results are tragic, not heroic

  17. Such a great

    And truly disturbing film!!!!

  18. this is one of the movies Jordan Peele told Lupita Nyongo to watch for the movie "US"

  19. Just got announced on Criterion 🎉🎊

  20. This trailer is really bad and misleading, which is probably how they wanted it.

  21. Is this the origins or jordan peeles US?

  22. The Menendez bros if they never got caught

  23. En serio yo en esa situación lo hago recargar 😐🔫 horrible trama mejor me voy

  24. I watched the original German version first. Shocked, depressed, that's how I felt

  25. i was way too young to be watching this movie. I still think about it

  26. Just tell me this, is this one of them movies where the bad guys live in the end?

  27. A shot for shot remake of the original trailer…
    I don’t know how to feel about that

  28. This movie was bloodcurdling and pretty unsettling when i first saw it yesterday. The fact that the film doesn't have any music makes it all the more horrifying each scene. Naomi Watts, Micheal Pitt, Tim Roth, Brady Corbet and Devon Gearhart all did a terrific job with their performances. Funny Games is the kind of movie that is drenched in raw fear, tension and dread and it will guaranteed to make your blood run cold. Funny Games is a centerpiece in cinema history and i loved every minute of it.

  29. I love the way the two antagonists play off each other. Paul has a charming confidence and Peter has a shy endearing nature(well they do at first lol).

  30. This really makes this look like a fun horror movie 😂😂

  31. coming at this from a more modern day horror fans view point (as in I was to young to comprehend movies when this was released) from the trailer it doesn't really seem scary at all, I've seen people talk about how disturbing it is but honestly
    the music choice makes it seem more like a weird dark comedy thats a parody of "the strangers"
    like the content looks like it could be scary but the editing(as said before, mostly the weird music choice) and some of the torture's lines seem to contrast.
    maybe things were different in 2007 but nothing that takes it self seriously uses that nutcracker song.

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