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Funny Games Trailer

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Trailer for upcoming film “Funny Games”


  1. It all makes perfect sense to a person studying Cluster B disorders. This movie had the perfection at it's tips. Surreal way of expressing how these educated sociopaths work.

  2. When a director likes his own movie so much that he remakes it

  3. This was on HBO late last night. Jesus…right off the bat the acting was just painfully awful, long seconds of goofy awkward silence in the opening credits trying to guess "who wrote this classical song." Yet I still watched this entire trainwreck.(2-3am, nothing else on!) I kept mumbling at my TV in disgust.."grab another golf club, at least try for gods sakes!" – Especially the weak ass mentally challenged brother, Naomi could have taken this ass out. Which…I THOUGHT she did, then a WTF moment happens. Then Watts gets her cell phone to turn on and literally asks "Who do I call?" Who do you call??? Gee, good question, I dont know, order a f'ing pizza?? (Roth says "911, the police" – Good advice dad, smh.)

    Whatever. I was curious how bad this was, Rogert Ebert (RIP) gave this 0.5 / out of 5 stars way back in 2007…yeah I agree with that.
    IMDB, other sites gave this 3 out of 5. How the f is that possible??

  4. One of the worst thrillers ever. Go watch Shutter island, Orphan, 6th sense or something.

  5. I came here because im watching this movie right know and its pissing me off how the couple got they dead son in the livingroom and this bitch is taking forever to leave the house.they son is dead because of the father…….leave that nigga behind

  6. A Ruger AR-556 costs about $500 at Cabella's. That, my .45, my husband's .357, and my 12 gauge and this movie's over.

  7. Whats interesting about this movie is that it is a film about random violence, but they only show one scene of explicit violence. Then it gets taken away from you.
    I found myself going, if Ann would have given him the eggs would they have left? Then I realized that he would have kept dropping the eggs into infinity.

  8. The most disturbing and annoying movie.. I am already so angry with him who recommended this movie.

  9. how come no one has iphone. asking for a friend from 2019.

  10. Just finish watching this movie and it's really annoying how 2 teenage kill the family,a crap movie I've ever watch,i regret I watch this movie

  11. Scream Queen; How ya doin' movie fans! (Again guess the movie that my man's in you get the special prize!) Now before I get 2 that….Hey people who think they're "Funny." By comparing this with Strangers—That's just SO clever—I can't believe you thought about that yourself—Must be a heck of alot of fun being so damn smart…And 2 premote my movie (Cause we did a CRUEL WORLD REMAKE—Me and Eddie made a contest….So if you can figure everything out—You win the special prize (A USB with a camera in it) So you can make your own "Killer Reality Show."

  12. Now Cruel World is more well known then it used 2 be (Before I get started—-Lemmee tell you go watch it on UTUBE—-I found it the other night and it was SO much fun! We back—Cool—-Did ya ever wonder what happens when you screw somebody over—-When you were selfish—and could care less what would happen 2 the other person—-Well you're not gonna get away with it—Like Joy thought she would—-In fact that's why from minute 1 (When Philip 1st comes on Screen) You know you're in 4 something scary—One he's dressed in a polo shirt and khaki's cause he's trying 2 scare her—(Just seeing him terrifies her—so you know this happened before—-And then he won't leave—Even playing with a fire poker—you know she's not making out of this place alive—And 1 of the things I love about it—Is just how calm he is—Like it was just an average day 4 him….Makes me think of my favorite line from Funny Games….Of course there has 2 be a bet—What would be the point—-You were hoping 4 their side weren't you…..Actually—No—I wasn't….I've always seen that in movies—And 1 of the things I think is So cool about this scenario—Is you can't tell if someone's like that—-(Because 2 people like us—-It could be just a normal day—-SO get the fucking I'm better then you "Cause it's just another STRANGERS out of your head—Cause people like you—Aren't gonna be the ones who survive….

  13. This movie holds the record for the worlds scariest movie

  14. I'm gonna go watch Bone Tomahawk now.

  15. this piece of shit unknown or forgotten movie beat out the Exorcist as the 1# horror film of all time according to the Hollywood Reporter… others had the blair witch project. you can't believe ANY of these lying bastards who just wanna hype a particular movie… usually written by racists jews.

  16. Are, uh, are you sure this wasn't meant to be a comedy?

  17. None of those words fit ..This is by far the dumbest movie i have ever seen .TOTAL DOG SHIT OF A MOVIE .

  18. Annoyed the crap out of me that she cut through the fence to run to the road instead of just taking their damn boat and heading over to that friends house

    Edit: yes I know that’s the point of the film – to frustrate you

  19. "CLOCKWORK ORANGE" ripoff trailer ……..pure muck!

  20. Lets try funny games. But this time with Home Alone kid

  21. This movie is best seen in silence and empathy for the family. In the Moment the first time I saw this it was horrible and traumatic. Horror movies always made me laugh, this one just made me cry…I somehow appreciate this

  22. And the movie had exactly this tone. Uncanny.

  23. I love how the trailer makes it look like it's some quirky darkly humorous Tarantino-esque thriller, but then you watch it and its anyting but that.

  24. If you're hoping for a 'Hollywood Ending' go watch something else

  25. The trailer spoils all the movie I'm happy I watched the movie before

  26. This is on the criterion channel , on my list, but I’m scared to watch it.

  27. I love how the trailer takes away from the true horror of this film.

  28. I watched this years ago. All I remember was being extremely frustrated throughout the entire thing 😂


    Love the cinematography of the trailer and the film itself. I really loved the movie but hated it…..I guess I hate that I loved it…?

  30. Didnt one of the TV Sponsor air on TV feature Marilyn Manson's "self-mutilation is the most sincere form of flattery"?

  31. This is like the cinema version of Spec Ops: The Line (in terms of playing tricks and fucking with the audiences head)

  32. This trailer is quite misleading to what the film actually is. It’s very smart film, but it’s also not an enjoyable one. But it’s by design, so it’s hard to recommend it. But I’m fascinated, but I feel bad for feeling that way? What a weird film

  33. The trailer doesn’t do this film justice

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