Funny Games - Trailer HD - 2007 - High Quality -

Funny Games – Trailer HD – 2007 – High Quality

Luc Senal
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Directed by Michael Haneke, with Naomi Watts, Tim Roth, Michael Pitt and Brady Corbet


  1. Geez talk about spoiling the movie in the trailer!

  2. enough for me to watch this once. too brutal for me……😥

  3. So this is about a couple young elites who come into someone's house and threaten a family with golf clubs? Like why didn't the parents fight back?

  4. I like the original film better. So effed up and terrifying. A masterpiece

  5. I made the unfortunate mistake of watching this movie when I was 6-7 years old., And it fucked me up pretty good

  6. A brilliant movie, however that trailer sucks.I saw the film ten years ago, randomly found a dvd of it.However, if I'd have seen that trailer first, I'd have walked away.

  7. Hmm… Different music. "La Wally" as in "Diva."

  8. Such an incredible piece of music for the trailer.

  9. Spoiler alert. Crappy movie everyone dies total garbage

  10. This looks horrendously bad! Why waste time in making such garbage 🗑

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