Funny Games: Say A Prayer/Remote Control (Breakdown of a Scene!) ANALYSIS -

Funny Games: Say A Prayer/Remote Control (Breakdown of a Scene!) ANALYSIS

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Here’s another scene analysis in my Breakdown of a Scene series. I’ve been having a lot of fun doing these lately. This one in particular was a request from one of my subscribers so I hope y’all enjoy!

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  1. Incredible breakdown – it’s a truly profound point that, in a way, we (as viewers) aren’t any better than a Machiavellian All Powerful/Controlling God who sets the conditions for certain things to happen in a certain way and just lets them play out for his own amusement.Also gotta commend Naomi Watts’ acting in this scene. She absolutely nailed it.

  2. This scene is crazy intense lol I mean as you watching it , your like holy shit xD again and again I’ve said , it’s pretty awesome to see directors take control and not be afraid to capture some valuable scenes that provoke thought . Even if most of your audience will prob reject it , which is tragic :/ but anyways great vid and great film choice scene! Keep it up :)!!!

    ( also I can’t get enough of your opening ace ven. Breakdown of a scene clip haha it’s that funny )

  3. great analysis, hoping you get what you deserve.

  4. I loved funny games and it never got much love online as far as I can remember. but it was such a fantastic display of being at the mercy of others. truly frightening stuff. I haven't seen the original but I can't imagine it being that much more enthralling than the remake.

  5. Great video, thanks for your interpretation.

    I personally don’t think the movie was all that great. I get the themes and everything and while the movie does have good things about it, it’s not a “great” film over all. It’s not one I’d recommend. 😂

  6. This is actually a very good analysis! congrats, keep doing these type of videos. I'll add something extra to this incredible analysis.
    Paul says that Ann would be able to pick how and who would die if she could say the prayer backwards. After she kills Peter and Paul goes back in time she actually says the prayer backwards but she's taken the right of choosing the gun and choosing who to kill, thus giving strength to the entire theme of the movie emphasizing the lack of control she has.

  7. You should check out the original 1997 German version.

  8. My First Word was if she has the controler, she can gave his son And the other two she Just can kill

  9. Very unrealistic movie. There is no way the two of them would not have raped Naomi Watts given the chance.

  10. Isn't Peter n Paul saints in the Bible tho

  11. That turning back time thing makes me angry and was one step too exaggerated and ridiculous really… it ruined the whole movie for me…. once u know that he can do that the film becomes pointless… like whatever happens u know that theres nothing they can do because whatever they do they can just turn back time again so it made it pointless

  12. I already left a comment here but wanted to add something about the ending of the movie…. even though the ending of the movie is horrific as none of the family makes it out alive but I was also quite impressed by the ending because it made a change from the norm that we normally see in movies…. I think most viewers are waiting to see ann make it out somehow as normally in these types of movies at least one member of the family always makes it out and survives but in truth it's just not what happens in real life unfortunately….. people like Paul and peter exsist everywhere and things like this happen everyday and in true cases thats the outcome of it so even though it's not the ending that we hope for but it is a realistic one

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