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Funny Games Rewind Scene. TF?

Erin Daniel
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Saw Funny Games(2007) for the first time and the rewind scene had an…”effect” on me. Of course i don’t own the first minute and 18 seconds of this. It’s from the movie “Funny Games”…obviously..


  1. It's just, I'm trying to find this movie where from what I remember, the end had someone dead in it but there was that big freeze frames and slowed flashbacks kind of scene where there's like a freeze frame of them dead but theres then scenes like them lying down without any blood, moments before being killed, being with friends, going all the back to the beginning of the movie to make a time lapse kind of rewound death scene, if you see the prank videos done by DM the guy who makes the killer clown prank vids, there's the haunted scenes and theres some jimmy neutron episodes from nickelodeon that have traveling back in time scenes but theres also those sounds like from those rated R scary movies like Scream, Psycho, ChuckyNo one has to read all of this comment if they don't want to, don't back negatively with something to say like omfg that was long

  2. Hopefully if Amazon remakes as a female led remake remote control does NOT PLAY IN THIS

  3. Also, I apologize for the terrible quality and lighting and such…

  4. this scene completely destroys the film. bad director

  5. yeah i literally left the room and had to be forced to watch the rest of this movie, completely killed the entire thing.

  6. This is not some tom hanks piece of shit film, the reason this was done is to demonstrate that the antagonist cant just die half way through a normal horror movie because thats not the way hollywood does it. This film is no low brow paranormal activity, its a commentary on the routine generic "horror" genre. I understand that this isn't for everyone but the few who understand it love it

  7. This.. is where I threw the remote and stopped watching this piece of shit. God what a bad movie.

  8. It's kinda funny how the people hating on this scene are really just proving how truly effective it was at showing our ingrained instinct to deny reality and immerse ourselves in a fantasy escape. The whole point of this scene is to show that, instead of getting to be a Hollywood hero that kills the bad guy, in reality a scared housewife would be completely powerless against a pair of sociopathic killers. The goal of the main character is to torment the audience, and by rewinding the scene he is taunting them with cathartic relief before pulling it away and re-establishing his absolute power. 

  9. Michael Haneke is the director of the movie, if u dont understand the rewind scene watch also mivie caché where he dares to take a video of his movie's characters lifes and send it to them. The whole thing is not about ehich scenario is more probable. It is much more deeper, the audeince keeps watching cruelty justifying it that it is curiousity. Whereas in both cases the movie is cruel and there is nothing to watch if u dont like it. U watch porn because u love sex not because u wonder how it will end with cumshot or creampie.

  10. And all of u even the ones who likes the movie missed the point. The first scenario when she shoots the friend is not a happy ending, it is the same shit cruelty. That is one more death, no matter of the bad guy or good guy, bad or good is personal preference, the kid himself would kill that guy. Self protection and other kind of morale which leads u stand besides the family not the maniac is just a taste. Just we love cruelty, some of us needs to justify his cruelty the others don't. But both types are the same shit.

  11. Haha…that was pretty funny. Good vid!

  12. This scene was awesome.  Its a shame a lot of people don't get it.

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