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Funny Games Rewind Scene. TF?

Erin Daniel
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Saw Funny Games(2007) for the first time and the rewind scene had an…”effect” on me. Of course i don’t own the first minute and 18 seconds of this. It’s from the movie “Funny Games”…obviously..


  1. This scene was awesome.  Its a shame a lot of people don't get it.

  2. Main protagonist breaks fourth wall, he hints throughout film that he knows he knows he is in a movie. Sort of like "ferris bueller's day off" or "Spaceballs" for example. At one point he even states the name of the movie to another character. If you know this, scene starts to make sense. Some might even say, this is why there murdering people, they know it's just a movie.

  3. Can someone explain this scene and movie in depth please? I dont get how you can rewind time, im hearing this whole film is infact, a film in a film? Idk, im a smart guy but please explain so i get it. :).

  4. This whole movie is a statement on our desire to see violence and people suffering in other movies, as if it's entertainment. The two boys basically play the role of the director of a shitty hollywood horror movie, and since they're the director, they control the fate of the entire movie.

  5. breaking the fourth wall is a scary thing for some audiences and they do not like it.

  6. This movie should've came with one or two alternate endings. I think that would be a loving touch to the remake. Maybe even a on screen choice on the Dvd. I'd do something like that, show different ends at different movie theaters…. Which ending did you get kind of thing. Anyway, I wish those two did live through those traumatic deaths.

  7. So all I have to do is go to the persons house I hate, take a remote control, kill him, then just press the rewind button to where I'm back at home. GOT IT! 👍 I'm going to try it.

  8. 35 likes / 64 dislikes. This resumes the film valoration.

  9. Add a full pound of dues ex machina and a dash of fourth wall breaking and viola, something that really makes this film stand out on its own.

  10. why the hell did they re-make this…

  11. Do not play with thigns you don t understand.

  12. i get it but that was some dumb shit… why wait till towards the end to do that… WTF!! shoulda started it with something like that so all of us normal people would leave knowing we didn't spend 2+ hours watching a shity movie…

  13. I came for the scene, not for a reaction to the scene.

  14. If people would pay attention to the boat scene and dialogue between Peter and Paul, when he pushes her into the water, you could get a lot more from this movie. The boat dialogue is on purpose. The director already tells us the point of the movie but he also gives us a window to theorize imo.

    My take/theory on the movie; there are two constants, Peter & a family/sidekick. The family/sidekick are a random type of "actors in the movie", this is one of the reasons he keeps calling him random names of the past sidekicks who make mistakes and everything else.

    Peter is trapped in a typical horror movie, but he becomes aware of this and learns people are watching and hoping for the turnaround for the family. The time when they defeat the bad guys. It's apparent that he gets annoyed at so many things, even with his sidekick who clearly shows he's not aware he's in a movie. It's a cycle that he keeps punishing viewers for expecting the inevitable "tables turning". It's his only form of communication. He's in the anti-material world.

    He addresses us and is aware of us completely. He has games that he finds funny with the audience, since the family(s) of each different movie's anti-material-multiverse, they seamlessly visit, are not real.

    He learns powers to rewind, interact, reset the day and prey on our desire to escape and root for the family(s). The family(s) never realize a reset and the boat is a kind of gateway to the next lake family(s), beginning of the movie. His disdain for the rules of the game he made up and the growing annoyance of repeating scenarios will only heighten and get more severe with each new audience.

    He's not going to leave you with any positivity or letting any hero's save the day unless one finds a way into the anti-material world.

    Not a perfect theory but how I see it.

  15. Honestly the most jarring thing about this scene is people thinking it's not entirely open to critical interpretation i.e. it's either going to sit well with you or not. It's not a case of "Oh hur hur I'm more intelligent so I get why it's genius" or "God I hate this artsy melartsy rabble; these other people are just being pretentious", it's meant to provoke different feelings. I personally don't like it; while I understood why it was done, the way it was done was too jarring a switch for me to get behind the meaning. And that's ok. It's also ok for you to love this scene and what it means. This is one of those few moments of film that is so out of nowhere and bizarre, you can have different opinions and have them still both be correct. Jesus.

  16. This movie had potential if they had some certain drive for the family to live. But they don't. It's a piece of shit because of the 4th wall and this scene. Us normal people want to see a good thriller not some 4th wall torture porn. 2 guys and a golf club stoping them? I've broken my leg in two places at once and idc if I was on my last breath nothing would stop me from protecting my family. Especially with all the weapons around the house even when they left and came back. What a peice of unrealistic crap this movie was. If you think this is good or even remotely entertaining you need a physiological evaluation on your brain.

  17. The original is much more authentic. This seems just contrived or maybe I am biased since the original is one of my favorite films.

  18. I like the original better. The actors seem to be more real.

  19. It depicts that this isn't that movie where by some stroke of luck she or her family somehow gets away from this serious to death ordeal. Like so many past other films. They're in a home invasion as if it's real life from the beginning, middle, and to the end. The victims have no control in this situation only the killers. Hence the rewind sequence.

  20. this scene was without a doubt the most powerfull ive ever felt watching a movie. knowing not just that he controls his own actions, but he controls the entire movie. very well done.

  21. This movie is about 2 psycho boys
    Dreaming about a ‘Film’ in which they have all the control (hence they can rewind, look at the camera with a cunning smile etc; ) and can easily torture a family and do sick things and play funny games with them
    Just to complete their sick psycho fantasy , because they are insecure in themselves
    Simple as that
    I don’t understand why ppl are making a mess out of this

  22. Uh what. I’m sorry but how the fuck did he do that

  23. White supremacy ruling over people of color in this case there’s black face being played. They control what happens next

  24. There's 2 things people are looking over. First the fact that he says "look out" obviously too late, and Second that he says "say goodbye to georgie" but that's what he called the kid, wich was already dead. The father he called "captain"

  25. did he get that remote control from the movie "Click"? Maybe they are related.

  26. This film as a whole and this particular scene shatters the need for justice. It makes you get out of classic pleasure fueled by american movies that bad guys lose at some point. It gives you a slap in reality. Raw. Anyway, the original version is way superior.

  27. It bothered me how in the beginning the family did the bare fucking minimum to fight back

  28. The one time she wishes the remote was lost.

  29. This movie is torture for the audience, and after the only satisfying moment in the film, they break the universe to rip it away from you. Utterly brutal.

  30. Tbh theres an option after she shoots him enjoy the shock and turn off the movie

  31. Justed finished the orginal and I want to find an Austrian flag and burn it.

  32. I think this is the only movie I have ever watched where the director blantantly taunts the audience, almost like a “nope, no matter what happens, this story is going to end poorly”

  33. the dislikes are dumb. y’all clearly haven’t even seen the original directed by the same guy* where this EXACT same sequence happens. and that was 1997. it’s suppose to make you feel bad for wanting to see these characters go through pain and misery, it tears any hopeful ending away from them. which i know not everyone will ever* understand or enjoy, but something that i think was a masterful critique and shocking/enjoyable moment in cinema history.

    (this version is pretty much identical to the foreign original since the same director made both. i liked both versions, if anything though, i found the original much more impact and brutal than this one.)

  34. I dont see the point or the shocking value of having a deus ex machina moment to solve things. Like, its so meh in general. See and live the consequences is better than simply "nah i have a magic button that solve things". Its so… cliche. Its like all these shounen animes or movies where the main hero can defeat the evil only because hes the main character or some power of friendship/love etc. This movie mocks cliches but the entire idea is a cliche aswell.

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