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Funny Games – Phelous

Phelan Porteous
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Is the movie Funny Games really funny? Oh you’ll find out! Unless Phelous dies first…

Originally Released: December 4, 2008


  1. Never thought i'd say this but Knock knock's better. I know knock knock was frustrating, but this movie just straight pissed me off. About 1 hour and 40 minutes of my life i'll never get back.

  2. I would take Phelous' "monotone, droning voice" any day.

  3. ngl i kinda like this movie but i understand why people dont

  4. So what your getting getting at is that movies can't do anything different and should just stick to genre conventions, else it be a bad film?

  5. I got more enjoyment out of your review of the movie the the actual movie . Subbed .

  6. Well then. I've never heard of this movie before, but it looks quite interesting. I'm actually surprised it took 'til the third episode for Phelan to die for the first time. Also, I didn't know the skit of several people people shooting each other repeatedly while the "Mmm, watcha say" song loops in the background is from something called *Dear sister*.

  7. I borrowed eggs from my neighbour the other day

    I havent seen them since 🙂

  8. I just saw this movie and I still don't know what the hell the point of this movie was.

  9. 10:00 i legitimally replayed that because i thought this was your joke phelous

  10. The hello at the beginning scared the crap out of me xD
    My phone was at autoplay while I was alone in the house at night when it switched to this video xD

  11. I was gonna watch this movie….. But thanks phelan for saving me the headache that is this movie

  12. The only funny thing about this movie is that there are more than 0 dislikes on a review that shreds it to pieces.

  13. This is taking me back big time, I was so much into bad horror movies because of Phelous…

  14. Maybe the not pressing the rewind button is intentional, because it makes no sense anyway, if time was actually rewinding your conscious mind would be rewinding therefore you would not be conscious of the need to stop the rewind and it would simply go on forever, or the pressing of the rewind would itself be undone by the un-pressing of the rewind button (which is not possible in forward time, but is possible in backward time).

  15. "You know what the funny thing is?" That Click is a better film than this?

  16. So weird, I just watched a review with totally different actors. Maybe a different country I assume.

  17. She was holding a Mortal Komedy script. Nice 🙂

  18. But as you can already guess—Things don't work between them—In fact he gets The Shultz Sisters death from Sleepaway Camp 2….Angie, Angie—We can work this out! Nope! But I'm not even with Buffy—-It's 2 late; I wanted you 2 be with me—Besides The Fans have 2 get WHAT THEY WANT…..What does that mean? Well that's the thing…..Everyone loves Eddie and Brandi Jo 2gether—-But nobody loves you and Buffy 2gether—-Let this be a lesson 2 you; Just say no—2 breaking the rules.

  19. It's too bad about the copyright. The orginal flowed better.

  20. They barely even show any gore in this film.

  21. All of the murders are off screen , that’s the recipe for a bad horror film.

  22. One of the best YouTube videos of all time. How I wish Phelan did movie reviews more often. Ooooh what you saaaaayyy that he only meant well. Of course he did.

  23. That kid went on to be Jimmy in Boardwalk Empire…

  24. Okay, for the locks. It’s called locking the doors normally, and taking all the keys. I can’t tell if this is all tongue and cheek or if you don’t like the film. I also haven’t finished the review, so I may look like an idiot later.

  25. okay this is making it into my list of dumb horror movies.

  26. Hey Phelous, how old were you when you shot this originally?

  27. ….nobody going to address the big pack of eggs randomly on the desk next to him throughout this entire video? Lol

  28. I've got earphones in, I can't get thru this review. I mean #%&@ seriously Phelous it was almost funny once.

  29. Calling funny games a horror movie is extremely generous

  30. The phone is wet… it’s completely useless now.

  31. Ignorant, fat and unfunny. rough combo.

  32. I believe I've asked this before on a different account, but what was the song used to signify your impatience? You usually use that song during boring scenes.

  33. why are there people who recognize them? did they terrorize other families already and just let them go in the end? why kill this family but not the others? did those people have enough eggs to pay them off?

  34. It’s funny because everything you hate about this movie is what makes it great

  35. I like the review but this movie (the austrian one anyway) is actually amazing

  36. Oh I get it remote guys are robots🤣

    And now I want to listen to that song😜

  37. OG version of "Mmm What'cha Say" plays: 😕
    Julien's cover of "Mmm What'cha Say" plays: 😎

  38. Always hated such pretentious movies. They say they are "art" so they have an excuse of being cheaply made and not making any sense… In this one, what is the point? The killers are magic, they have the remote from that Jim Carrey movie, and can just kill anyone?

  39. After watching Patricia Taxxon's video essay on Funny Games, I now understand its merit. But when I didn't know what the movie was trying to do, I definitely agreed with this review; I needed it explained to me.

  40. I will always owe a huge debt to Michael Haneke and Funny Games for introducing me to Naked City. I remember when this review was released because I was google searching Funny Games all the time back then

  41. shotgun greatest weapon ever right!? lol

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