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Funny Games – Neither Seen Nor Heard

Daniel Netzel
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Michael Haneke’s challenging film offers us a unique take on the horror genre. This video essay breaks down the American version of Funny Games, and how it uses the absence of sound or visuals to its advantage.

(This video contains spoilers)

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Sidenote: The reason I chose this version instead of the 1997 original is pretty simple, I haven’t seen it, and considering it is a shot-for-shot remake, I feel the main points of discussion in this film don’t change between versions.

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  1. Very well done essay as always. I for one hate movies like this. When I was younger I was fine with them, but I just get disgusted by them now. I no longer feel like punishing myself by choice. Cruelty in this world no longer needs to have a spotlight on it… it shines so very brightly on it's own.

  2. I remember giving this movie to my mom for Christmas one year and she ended up liking it. Yes I love the way that it addresses violence but never shows anything. Truly a good movie

  3. quit that fucking soundtrack! its almost impossible to pay attention to what you're saying

  4. Wow. When I watched this movie a few years ago I thought it was the worst movie I've ever seen. You changed my view. Thanks for giving a different, well-informed outlook of it.

  5. Just saw this movie and was very disturbing. I was actually really angry while watching this movie.

  6. this movie made me feel like shit but the acting was fucking incredible. there is one scene where they are just sitting in the living room after the intruders left and the camera doesnt pull away for like what seemed to be 10 minutes. It's just them sitting there in shock about what just happened. great acting and directing, however, i would never this shit again it was dreadful.

  7. I still think the re-wind scene was pretty stupid. There's nothing wrong with breaking the cliches of storytelling, but the re-wind scene just seemed silly. Like a director blatantly telling you that his movie is different. Show don't tell mother fuckers.

  8. While I liked the funny games idk I liked the foreign version a bit more idk was more brutal and depressing tbh

  9. What I really liked was, when the son and dad were doing up the boat there was a shot directly showing the knife falling down into it. So you immediately think "oh that will end up saving someone or being important". The entire movie I was just waiting for them to get into the boat so the knife could come into play. Then at the end, they get in the boat, she's seen with the knife, and it is thrown overboard with her soon following. Now that, that was a bigger slap in the face than the kid almost escape, the parents almost getting off the hook, and the shotgun rewind. Because even though the carpet had been pulled from under me so many times, I still believed the knife would somehow work out. Hard film to sit through, but worth it

  10. I think Funny Games can be seen as sort of an experimental essay on violence in media and our perception of it, disguised as a classic horror flick. Scenes like Peter winking at the camera, Paul alluding to the cliches of classic movies ("Why don’t you just kill us?" – "You mustn’t forget entertainment value!") and especially Peter rewinding the film are means of pointing this out to the audience. We are not supposed to watch this film for any kind of entertainment, not even the entertainment in suffering. We are supposed to see this as an study on our perception of medial violence.

  11. GOOD video. I'll definitely be ripping off certain parts of it when I start talking about the movie in the middle of my Undertale analysis.

  12. I'm not gonna lie, I was HOPING that at least Ann would make it, but once that formula was broken, when the 4th wall is broken the first time) I thought they were ALL going to die. I can understand why the remote scene is where people FINALLY understand 'Oh, this isn't like any horror or thriller blockbuster, so all bets are off'. I just HATE when people say this movie sucked and they don't get the message at ALL. I can understand if someone gets the film, but still doesn't like it though.

  13. Good video on a very intriguing (and infuriating) film. I've seen the original which had grimier, more naturalistic cinematography but maybe I will check this one out someday. Though I'm not sure Michael Pitt can match how terrifying the Austrian actor who played Peter in the original was.

  14. One thing I'd like to mention about the remote scene is Peter's monologue on the boat afterwards. All the talk about "another universe in fiction, where the hero wins" I think says a lot about people's perspective on scenarios like this. I'm surprised people say it's open to interpretation, when I think Peter pretty much outright says it was another timeline or story in which Ann wins the fight. Also, maybe I'm just looking way too into it, but did anyone see parallels between the Racecar channel commentary and what was going on in the movie? I seriously thought it was lining up really well to the thoughts of the characters.

  15. you used some of the bioshock sound track over this review. I think I love you.

  16. Acting was fantastic, movie was alright but don't call it a horror movie.

  17. Sounds like a lot of excuses for a terrible movie. One big middle finger to the audience. "Unconventional, breaking rules"? Great, but it should at least be entertaining.

  18. Watch kill list, the father plays in it and it is an absolute amazing movie.

  19. Good video but please lower the music for future videos. It's pretty loud and it makes it hard to hear and focus on you talking at times

  20. Thoroughly enjoyed this. Subscribed! Thank you

  21. This movie is terrible give it up. Its not art its just 100 pounds of shit in a 10 pound bag.

  22. i saw this movie yesterday and i was like wtf

  23. Great review of one of the most underrated movies ever. Violence is a theme thrown around the media like something "cool", but this movie shows its real face.

  24. I enjoy difficult and challenging films and picked this one up as a recommendation. I was ready to be impressed, or at least to be engaged in novelty.

    But this film was like watching the snot of a better film drip down off the screen. The meritorious craft of the film is ultimately lost in just how cruel, empty, and arbitrary it amounts to being. It is degrading, almost pretentiously nihilistic, and offers no narrative semblance for what it is doing, why it is doing it, or why we should care.

    And if the rejoinder is that audiences don't have to understand or don't have to care, I would merely suggest this: Don't even bother to watch "Funny Games" in the conventional way as the director intended. Re-edit the film yourself with the ending you know is already there. Or better yet, just put it on, walk out, and do something better with your life for 111 minutes. That's the best way to watch this movie.

  25. This is the only film I have ever seen that offended me.

  26. I feel like the whole film is forcing people to look at what the typical horror movie has become, there was no real reason given for what happened, the bad guys didn't get their comeuppance, all three of the main characters died as predicted by the villains, nothing too unusual happened they just murdered them as they said they would, none of the murders were glorified or even shown for the most part and then when it gets to the 'final kill' there wasn't even a slight suggestion of any revenge or fight back, they just tipped her in the water and carried on like it was nothing, like it wasn't a big 'horror film finale' but actually just something to do before moving on to their next victims, it's a realistic look at a horrible scenario where the good guys don't always win, in a way it was filmed as if it wasn't a movie, and yet kind of ironically on several occasions they spoke to the audience and acknowledged that it was, very strange but true horror

  27. Your review made me appreciate the movie even more, thank you. There are many points I already agreed with and many which appear new to me. Very fascinating..

  28. The film toys with us and then kills us off. When Naomi got into the boat we think there's going to be a grand finale, a struggle, maybe an escape. When she is tipped back into the water without so much as a second look we feel, discarded.
    It moves on to the next house as if it hasn't just spent x hours torturing us in our house.
    Just like violence in real life.

  29. It’s a garbage. I respect others but I don’t even understand why I watched this film.

  30. That last 4th wall break stare from Paul along with the music suffocated me. Amazing.

  31. Excruciating movie experience. Very well done as well. Cache is my favorite Haneke film. It was so strange and absorbing; the ultimate thriller/mystery. Funny Games is the most punishing movie experience I've ever endured, even more than Martyrs. It made me completely disregard the evening news stations. They really dehumanize tragedy and I think a big reason I get nauseous from these news stories is because of seeing this movie.

  32. Thank god Youtube exists so I get tons of information on things I’ll never go through myself. I mean it’s always great when someone creates a genuinely different story but to me, the idea here is spread too thin to make viewers suffer for a whole duration of a feature film. Also I think punishing audience is a rather arrogant approach to moviemaking, while I don’t expect all art to be joyful, at least it has to be satisfying. If I had to endure this film, I’d be very angry at the director. Yes, unfair things like that may occur in reality, but the reason we watch movies isn’t exactly to see more of the gruesome reality that surrounds us. I may be wrong but to me, only a masochist can enjoy this movie and only a sadist could have made it. Which isn’t necessarily a bad thing, if it’s between two consenting adults and no one was fooled by false advertising 🙂

  33. One very interesting point to mention would the rewinding scene.
    Before Ann shots Peter, Paul wants her to repeat the pray backward.
    Now, when the scene is rewinding it stops right before when she says the pray which would have been backward, and she would have won.
    This gives a false hope to the audience to think that there might be a chance of winning of any kind for the characters.

  34. I discussed the original Austrian version with someone, and the repeatedly returned to the "but I just don't see where the fun is in torturing random people?" I think that's the exact question the director is trying to pose.

  35. Boring , stupid movie , pointless at the end they get away with the murders . One of the worst film make of all time !!!!!

  36. There was no payoff in this, don't lie to me. This movie isn't important at all aside from being a prime example of how self righteous and arrogant movies are doomed to be shit from start to finish.

  37. This film is brutal , harrowing and merciless .But life is more similar to this movie than people want to admit. In the real world, innocent people get preyed upon, evil overwhelms good and often a lot of evil people get off Scot free and their evil deeds go unpunished.

  38. I wish Peter and Paul would come visit my house

  39. I keep watching this film all the time.Don't know why?!?

  40. I discovered Naked City with this movie, that's a good thing.

  41. The movie is absolutely an amazing piece of art.I watched it like a dozen times and every single time I question ann for not pushing paul into the water when she was talking with her friends on the dock lol

  42. I find the movie to be nothing more than pretentious. The director tries so hard by trying to make it realistic by making it boring, which i find to be a lazy way to say something is “realistic”. Then to worsen it, he seems to pick and choose which parts are realistic and which aren’t. The family has no common sense and has multiple opportunities to escape, but instead picks the stupidest option available. The videos narrator also says this movie goes against tropes, when the family itself is one of the biggest horror movie tropes of all time! The oblivious family who ignores all warning signs! The movie cant seem to decide what it wants to be or what its point is? Stick to realism? Or have the character rewind time and talk to the camera? Seems like the movie was so bad, people can only interpret it was bad on purpose and that somehow it was actually good.

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