Funny Games - interview w Michael Pitt & Brady Corbet -

Funny Games – interview w Michael Pitt & Brady Corbet

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  1. I can't help but compare Pitt's performance in this film with his performance in a recent film called "Asphalt City" – both times he plays characters who are on the edge or go over it, listening to metal while thinking they can do whatever they want and get away with it

  2. Brady is so beautiful here. Even now

  3. This guy asks the dumbest questions that I’m sure he already knows the answers to. A total waste of their time.

  4. @ilovemichealcera what he hell is wrong with you

  5. @2000kaybo the only thing thats wrong with me is that i don't have some sexyy men at my house mmmmm….ichael pitt is sexxy !!!!!!! and that brady… SEXY

  6. @ilovemichealcera really i woudnt care if you like them its just if you want them to do to you what them to do what they did to the family or something else like rape then thats why i wrote why would you want that thats all

  7. @2000kaybo i guess it was a bad joke, i was just insinuating that they are good looking and i want to meet them.

  8. I really wish that the interviewer would have asked RELEVANT questions for the actors! Like, "Michael, what do you think is the motivation for your character?" Something like that. I mean, this idiot kept asking MP a bunch of questions that the director should answer.

  9. @ScientificoPiano breaking the fourth wall basically means performers in drama acknowledge 'this isn't real' and i know you're watching. 🙂 make sense?

  10. I think Michael doesn't have an answer for anything.

  11. @donderhead He's completely awkward, almost empty. It's like there's nothing in there(his head).

  12. @FingerGunProductions i'm sorry but, shut the fuck up, michael pitt is on another level.

  13. guys calm down he's high as fuck and obviously doesn't want to do the interview. that doesn't mean he's an idiot.

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