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Tom The Critic
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I get it.


  1. Garage movie. Painfully boring. Not creative. Any credit this has gotten is too much.

  2. I don't get why they have to remake this it's literally the same from the original and I mean literally they didn't even change a single thing from it the lines, the scenes, the sequence. Like wtf?

  3. Making a movie to criticize a type of movie is the definition of pretentious as fuck. Only deepens my dislike of this shit movie.

  4. Since there's no survival then there's no story, please tell me why they didn't rewind when the little boy run out? Should we consider it as a real or fantasy movie? The story make no sense it's just a real bulll shhhit … I watch many movies without survivals and I enjoy it, but not this one. Because 2 of the hostages already run out of the house in a big distance of forest and a big lake, it shouldn't be that easy to bring them back. This is the worst movie ever of all the time

  5. I agree with your assessment. Makes sense to me.

  6. i just love the way u speak on your videos and how you edit them. please, just keep doing your videos, they're amazing!
    regards from Brazil!

  7. Love this movie! Though I of course love the original Austrian version more. It's weird. I know it's the exact same film with the exact same script and same director. But the director thought making it a Hollywood movie would improve it, but that's where I disagree. Making it a Hollywood movie takes away from the realism and from our empathy for the characters.

  8. Interesting review thank you as always.
    Off screen is often better.

  9. Not bad…nice video! I think I underrated the remake (haven't seen the original), I used think about it as one of Hanekes weakest films, It was actually the 1st film from Michael Haneke I saw, I definitely wasn't ready for it, thought it's some genre thriller. I almost hated it, while at the same time enjoying some uniqe things it did. Now loving his Caché (Hidden, 2005), and seeing this video , I think it's time to go back and watch both films back to back, thank you!

  10. The weekly upload streak continues…barely.

  11. I think your interpretation is very correct with good insights.

  12. Who's weakness was responsible for the shooting of fatty, and the remote control scene?

  13. also interesting: the story of the movie "blair witch project" (1999) is not about a witch at all. you dont see any witch in the movie. you dont see anything supernatural at all. everyone they ask about the witch is clueless. So where does this lead to? The real story is that the two guys plot to kill the woman thats with them. They make up this blair witch story so shes goes on a trip with them to find out more about the mysterious witch. She is so emotionally focussed on this.

    So the guys make all the sounds in the wood, build those twig signs and they made this bloody teeth/hair thing the woman will see when she leaves the tent. its all manipulation. the woman is stressed so she cant think clearly and blindly follows the guys. Remember there was NOTHING supernatural going on. The only things that happened could be completely made by a human person.

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