Funny Games (2007) - Trailer -

Funny Games (2007) – Trailer

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  1. I can't believe Pyrocynical would do this

  2. maybe y'all hating on this one because it did not end the way you wanted it to be

  3. This movie is horrible it is mind numbingly boring there is not a single likeable character

  4. Dont watch it. Worst movie in history. People on IMDB have such horrible taste. How can this low class movie got such high IMDB ratings. WORST MOVIE EVER. DO NOT WATCH IT

  5. Not a horror movie, not a thriller just frustrating with annoying characters. The whole point seems to be, how long can you watch this movie full of despicably annoying characters. If you watch it to the end you lose and the producer and director and actors all win, thus the funny (not so funny) game. Don't waste a minute of your life watching this (not so funny) joke of a movie otherwise the joke's on you and you'll be forced to either admit it sucks and that you bought into it or you can't admit you were sucked into a fucked up movie and so you wax poetic about psychology bullcrap to make yourself feel smarter for having sat through it.

  6. The stupidity of the characters is the real horror of this movie.

  7. This reminds me of the original trailer of a clockwork orange

  8. Long before he became the Abomination, Emil Blonsky had a family: A wife who turned out to be Ann Darrow and a Son named Colt Black and were being terrorized by Alex Tracy and Justin Pendleton.

  9. About 2 hours of my life wasted watching the original movie (1997), no point on watching this nonsense, pointless translated US launch. What really shocks me is that Naomi Whats was actually executive producer.

  10. I felt so uneasy watching this movie but I can honestly say it was very well done

  11. What a terrible song to use for the trailer

  12. Most misleading trailer of all time, and it was 100% intentional. Director has a background in psychology and this movie isn’t a movie, it’s a thesis. They really pull the rug out from under you lmao.

  13. this trailer is so smart i could write an essay on it. haneke knew exactly what type of slasher movie fan he wanted to lure into this film just to pull the rug out from under them. great movie


    Amazing movie. I was super disturbed by it the first time I saw it few years ago but I was just as entertained. I really hated the boys but loved their acting.

  15. This looks almost frame by frame like original, so why remaking it instead of watching the original

  16. This movie is so painful to watch. The protagonist are so helpless from start to finish. The only thing that keeps them being alive is the killer not killing them yet. The main character had only one good chance of making a smart decision for the entire film yet she fucked it up.

  17. Why is more than one comment describing this movie as “pulling the rug” out from under you? 😂 probably the same guy coming back on a different account.

  18. So it's a shot-for-shot remake of the original?

  19. How to waste your time ?

    Watch Funny Games.

  20. Honestly time wasted with this one? Wtf was that plot all about??? Don’t watch it u are welcome

  21. I watched this as a kid because I got it mixed up with happy Gilmore

  22. Definitely one of the worst movies I’ve ever seen. I don’t need a movie to have a happy ending but my god there was no point to any of this. The writer of this movie is just a serial killer with zero creativity. Just a home invasion and they die. Sorry to spoil it but trust me it’s not worth watching

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