Funny Games (2007): Reinventing the Home Invasion -

Funny Games (2007): Reinventing the Home Invasion

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Funny Games (2007) is very interesting: a shot for shot remake of the Austrian film from a decade before….by the same director! Can you really go wrong with Naomi Watts and Michael Pitt? Let’s find out. #FunnyGames #HomeInvasion

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  1. I remember my jaw dropping at the ending of this movie, definitely one of my favorite home invasion movies!

  2. I like how this movie uses whimsy and that fanciful 4th wall breaking stuff, to convey a sad truth, most people don't survive attacks like this, no matter what movie tell us.
    I agree about Michael Pitt he is pitch perfect as this character. I have some many questions about the 2 brothers, main one, where did they come from to end up like this?

  3. I agree with you about Michael Pitt. He is a tragically underrated actor.

  4. Great review and I was wondering if you do a top 10 movie villians of all time for a video

  5. How do you get away, with making a review like tha,t without getting a copyright claim ?

  6. I've seen both movies Lee.Both brilliant but this is my favorite of the two as I am a big fan of Michael Pitt and Naomi Watts.Great review Lee.

  7. 12:10 Is the corpse behind the couch waving his hand or something?

    Ps: I think it is pronounced "MIJAIL" (like Gorbachov), not "Michael" Haneke, since he is from Austria

  8. I remember stumbling across this movie at friends when around a year it was out I believe. At first we didn't like it especially the remote part. Then eventually, I rewatched by myself and enjoyed it!

  9. "How have I never reviewed this?" I've never even HEARD of it, lol!

  10. My favorite home invasion movie is the strangers

  11. Question for people who have seen this film (spoilers) – what do you think is up with the tent on their neighbors’ lawn? The one we see in the first shots after the heavy metal music in the titles sequence cuts out. Haneke has such attention to detail, it clearly wasn’t a random thing. I have an opinion. I’m guessing that the two baddies have the couple’s kid isolated in the tent. I don’t think their child is dead at that point, because the dad is still able to approximate normality when he comes to help launch the boat. Which makes sense if his child is still alive, but not if he or she has already been killed. He doesn’t break character when visiting with George and Anne, which suggests the villains have some serious leverage over him beyond threatening his own life, in which case it would have made more sense for “Uncle Fred” to sound the alarm and get George’s help in beating Paul (who was not particularly physically imposing) senseless. So that’s why I think their kid – the one that little Georgie wanted to speak to but wasn’t answering him – must still be alive in the opening shots, and it has something to do with the tent on the lawn that everyone is standing next to. Love to hear any other thoughts on the tent issue.

  12. I wanted to like this movie,
    but it was one that I finished
    and wished I hadn't.

    I kept hoping for a good resolution but the case pretty much gave away everything.
    when it was finished I was enraged.
    honestly I'm not sure I can handle anymore of that director's work, but I did like your critique on it, Lee

  13. Haven’t seen either movie, should I watch the new one or the original?

  14. Tim Roth worked with Quentin Tarantino a couple years ago on The Hateful Eight which got spoiled and ruined by the script getting leaked

  15. Steven Spielberg pointed out perfectly that A Clockwork Orange takes place in a bleak dystopian future where children commit egregious atrocities he nailed it by describing how Kubrick had a twinkle in his eyes

  16. I would be supportive of rereleasing Funny Games on 4K UltraHD BluRay

  17. Watching this movie without crying or looking away is an achievement in and of itself

  18. This movie is so meta and post modernistic, it's kinda similar to Scream, love it, always been one of my favourites, criminally underrated, but i still prefer the original, just don't really see the point in remaking it!

  19. It’s crazy how this movie is so horrific without actually showing the physical violence except for when the killer is shot, which was actually comical until it became gut wrenching with the remote. The game isn’t the killers vs the family, it’s the director fucking with the audience.

  20. I get a big time Leopold and Loeb vibe from these 2 killers, they're so smug, cocky and arrogant. They have that "nobody can touch me" attitude cause they have wealth and privilege.

  21. Tim Roth has said making this film traumatized him, and he'll never watch it. He said he was particularly disturbed because Devon Gearhart resembled his own son.

  22. The remake is scene for scene, shot for shot. BUT, the fact you don't know the actors in the original and the acting is very well done, it's a scarier film. This movie was made to mock Americans and made for Americans but America never gave it a green light thats why 2007s is Canadian. Also tim roth never watched the movie because the role tormented him mentally.

  23. Couldn't agree more, my favorite home invasion movie! I DO however want to see the original too.

  24. I wish that horror films didn't exist because it hurts me to be reminded that these terrible things truly do happen. There are home invasions & murders happening somewhere in the world right now & to profit off of that suffering makes it difficult for me to sleep at night.

  25. I was tense the whole time which was good. But I have never been blue balled so hard in my life. By that remote control scene.

  26. Naomi Watts is great in the remake of The Ring as she is great in Mulholland Drive from David Lynch

  27. She made me so mad by going out there and exposing herself….like bi$th fight…yo husband is useless in here. The movie is just stupid.

  28. Watchout for bros. No hockey mask.🤔

  29. This movie isn't meant to be entertainment. Check out Haneke's first film (7th Continent) and then feel free to either watch them all chronologically or watch his most "successful" works (white ribbon, amour, cache, piano teacher)

  30. Excellent review; believe I haven’t seen this one yet. This sounds like it has everything I look for in a movie. I also haven’t seen Sexy Beast so thanks for the recommendation.

  31. Very underrated Movie. Remember seeing it for the first on HBO waking up in the middle of the Night to the entrance Music at the start of the Film with the Title Funny Games over a Happy yet doomed Family 😂. Where did that Time go?

  32. Never clicked so fast in my life 😂
    See, the fact that I like movies like this makes up for me liking movies like Halloween: Resurrection lol

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