Funny Games (2007) - Naomi Watts in Distress 3 - (1080p) -

Funny Games (2007) – Naomi Watts in Distress 3 – (1080p)

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Funny Games (2007) – Naomi Watts in Distress 3 – (1080p)


  1. Accents in the original make it a funny watch.

  2. Absolutely fantastic film, a lot of people miss that it is a "meta" film much like Cabin in the Woods was for horror. This movie was a play on the genre, as was made very apparent throughout the movie when the characters break the 4th wall and address the viewers, or change the sequence of events just to anger the viewer by dashing their sense of hope for the protagonist. I will say it again, fantastic film, and one that goes in my top 10 for sure.

  3. home invasion? your army of assholes does it every day on the other side of the world and they call it "exporting democracy"…

  4. Did you boys kind of overdo it with the tape over her mouth?

  5. always find this part just kinda awkward imagine being her just having to sit there while the 2 people who murdered your husband and son casually prep a boat and further tie you up despite it not really being necessary and then having to sit there listening to them talk.

  6. when he tells her she might get hurt . wow lol

  7. A lot of you don't know this is the American remake.

  8. somehow the american version lacks the authenticity and depth the original has

  9. This is a great subversion. Setting up the knife and the fact that one of them couldn't swim, only to yank away any hope of victory. All the while talking about quantum physics & alternate universes like they are bored of the whole thing.

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