Funny Games (2007) - Eggs -

Funny Games (2007) – Eggs

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The egg scene from the 2007 film Funny Games


  1. Half the movie he's referred to as Tom. Half the movie he's referred to as Peter. 🤔🤔🤔

  2. The couple's stupidity and unrealistic escape posture are intertwined, so no matter how good a movie it is, it is the worst movie.

  3. Why would she literally just let him in the door like that-

  4. None of this would've happened if her husband just stood up for her

  5. I hate how this movie made me feel, and I hate the ending more.The boys were fucked up, but the family wasn't sane to me either. They seemed too accepting of their fate and too docile especially after the murder.

  6. Another thing that’s genius about this scene is how oddly close and insistently he’s standing to the mother. He’s already violating her personal space, subtly. He leans in closer and closer; it’s almost a moment of sexual tension but so much more sinister than that. It’s like he’s asserting his dominance and power over her just by making her feel uncomfortable. Brilliant.

  7. I really cannot get over how similar he and The Polite Leader from The Purge look. I thought they were the same person. It’s really kind of disturbing.

  8. she was really greedy over some fucking eggs, the bitch had it coming.

  9. Underrated movie, Classic scene. " no carton?" Lol

  10. And the award for the most annoying neighbours ever goes to…

  11. My favorite part is the way Peter keeps his hands behind his back when she comes to clean up the mess. She pauses waiting for him to do the polite thing and take the cleaning supplies(being he made the mess and she was already doing him a favor), but he just feigns ignorance.

    It’s illustrated by her frustrated and increasingly impolite tone she uses while cleaning the eggs.

  12. I’m intrigued, but have no idea what’s going on since I’ve never heard of this movie. I’m about to research it right now.

  13. You must admit you brought this on yourself

  14. Watching her clean up the broken eggs is oddly satisfying.

  15. I own the DVD and just watched it other day but i had to come to see if anyone agrees that the husband is as worthless as a piece of bologna! I have never seen a man be such a coward in my life! He literally gets a boo boo and lets his sons head be blown off bc his knee hurts..He still has 2hands and another leg but completely taps out and lets the wife be the man..Its so ridiculous!

  16. Remember kids: if a polite teenager visits you and asks for some eggs, CALL THE POLICE AND RUN!

  17. This might be the most excruciating scene in the entire film.

  18. 3:23 that’s kinda scary nice detail as the camera pans and he is way closer to her when it pans back with her .

  19. The way he handles the club, smiles and asks if he can hit towards the bay. Its such a subtle thing he does with his hands and the way he looks at her. I knew what direction this was going.

  20. This film is disturbing, mainly because the creeps go unpunished.

  21. I love this movie, they play this role so good and funny, it makes me feel so jubilant

  22. I don't really understand why people think the remake is better. These actors just seem "too american" for me:(

  23. The more I watch this film, the funnier it seems to get. This scene alone, watching Naomi Watts get more and more visibly frustrated with these two is hilarious to me.

  24. I had honestly never experienced something like this before in a movie; something that just captures so well how fucking dreadful it can be when someone, you don't want at all inside your home, take their sweet time before leaving, and seem to violate your personal space without even doing anything in particular

  25. Obviously it's the same director and such, but this is uncannily identical to the original.

  26. This movie is the definition of a psycho thriller. Nothing really happened and still you know everything is wrong.

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