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Funny Games 2007 Clips (no music)

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clips from the movie funny games


  1. Cringe ahh movie fucking hate these actors trash asf

  2. The end credits gives me goosebumps when you hear Bonehead's music as michael pitt pierces your soul with that cold stare to the camera.

  3. Henry really lost his shit after splitting with Jen it seems!

  4. Such kind and gentle little boys. I bet they would do a thing to a soul🙂

  5. Love how they call themselves Beavis and Butthead.

  6. no chance against the original.. Arno Frisch was much more threatening

  7. When the shot goes off and he just continues making a sandwich so non chalentIt really puts the head on a spin for a second until you realize the worst possible outcomeHanake aced this film and glad he made it for also the american audience

  8. Naomi watts and Tim Roth are the best in this movie

  9. Movie is dumb. Looks like a 90s movie then published in 2007 who uses a flip phone in 2007. Was this movie meant to be set in the 90s

  10. I dont understand why they left their hostages.. I mean where did they go ?. Home & came back ?.. Micheal Pitt & Brady were so cute together. They had really good chemistry , They should have their own Tv show

  11. That part at the boat where michael pitt kisses naomi before pushing her idk i just found it cute and sadistically sweet lol. <3

  12. For those who don't know : These scenes are taken of the movie "Funny games US" wich is a 2007 remake ( or copy should I rather say ) of the 1997 Austrian film "Funny games". Both have the same director, Michael Haneke.

  13. La peor película que existe me da asco la rechazo y digo a toda gente que no la vea es basura

  14. This film was so good at emotional manipulation x

  15. I watched this the first time, because I thought this movie was going to be a comedy…boy, was I wrong…

  16. empathyless psychopathic sadism and mind games dealt to their captive victims ( a family) for gratification by posh grads …high end evil

  17. What’s interesting is that Siobhan Fallon Hogan (the actress at the very end) also played someone who let a murderer into her house in The House that Jack Built

  18. This film stressed me out so much, but I couldn’t turn it off. All the actors did an amazing job!

  19. This movie has become more and more of a genius black comedy as I've reflected on it.

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