Funny Games (1997) -

Funny Games (1997)

Alexander Olotu
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An idyllic lakeside vacation home is terrorized by Paul (Arno Frisch) and Peter (Frank Giering), a pair of deeply disturbed young men. When the fearful Anna (Susanne Lothar) is home alone, the two men drop by for a visit that quickly turns violent and terrifying. Husband Georg (Ulrich Mühe) comes to her rescue, but Paul and Peter take the family hostage and subject them to nightmarish abuse and humiliation. From time to time, Paul talks to the film’s audience, making it complicit in the horror.


  1. Bide Türkçe alt yazı olsaydı iyi olurdu yada dublaj

  2. Hey man I was wondering if you possibly have "A Monkey's Tale" on unlisted or something at the moment you could help me out with that, I really would like to show some of my friends the Movie and I believe you were the amazing individual who posted it to the internet in it's full glory.

  3. The remote rewinding the movie just ruins it for me. I could stand the breaking of the 4th wall and everything else but once it is re wound it lost all credibility and the stakes went out the window.

  4. 😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢

  5. kinda don't like all the violence? could'nt they just be nicers? idk good movie tho 2/49

  6. does anyone know who the dead person in the restroom was ??

  7. Ive seen the remake so many times that i know exactly what theyre saying.

  8. Está película me la recomendó mi amigo José Antonio Moreno Cárdenas

  9. Sadly, the actors who play Anna, Georg and Peter are all deceased now.

  10. This movie is sooo good, i cant belive some peapole prefer the 2007 seven american version????? Love this film

  11. This movie is so fucking dumb, especially the remote scene… Why did i waste nearly 2 hours of my life to this?

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