Funny Games (1997): The Art of Manipulation -

Funny Games (1997): The Art of Manipulation

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Austin and Kristen discuss the art-house shocker “Funny Games.”

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  1. Haneke encourages the viewer to TURN IT OFF so the family can be saved. The more you watch, the more people die.

  2. Wish you guys would make more this is some truly fantastic stuff

  3. Your spoiler alert is my absolute favorite. <3

  4. Manipulation is the wrong word, sadistic terrorizing is more accurate.

  5. This was a very good review, I enjoyed it a lot! The spoilers were absolutely necessary to fully review the film and make a valid conclusion, so thanks for that too.

  6. Well made and engaging. Fell short with some armature/pretentious decisions like breaking the 4th wall and rewinding time. Very tacky and immature of the film maker to do this, when he nails so much else. This came close to being a great film, only marred by the director getting in the way of his own story.

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