Funny Games (1997) ORIGINAL TRAILER [HD 1080p] -

Funny Games (1997) ORIGINAL TRAILER [HD 1080p]

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The original trailer in high definition of Funny Games directed by Michael Haneke and starring Susanne Lothar, Ulrich Mühe, Arno Frisch and Frank Giering.


Brincadeiras Perigosas
Funny Games – Juegos divertidos
Furcsa játék
Horas de terror
Paraxena paihnidia
Violência Gratuita
Zabavne igre
Ölümcül oyunlar
Παράξενα παιχνίδια
Забавнi Iгри
Забавные игры
퍼니 게임
بازی‌های مسخره
משחקי שעשוע
მხიარული თამაშები


  1. Looks like a terrible movie. What is most disturbing is how many people liked it. I understand people watching sexual porn but why in the world would you want to watch torture porn. You are some sick people!

  2. Unpopular opinion here, this movie was garbage. It came across as a celebration of violence in the most annoying and stupid way 😒 it tried to be "edgy" with the unnecessary violence. The ending just pissed me off. And breaking of the invisible wall, STUPID. Ugh, it just annoyed me how the characters just let all the bad stuff happen, minimal fighting back lol it was just stupid, imo, this one can be skipped 😑

  3. Buena película!!!! Amo ver películas con personajes que odio. Aunq reí en algunas y en otras la putie sin parar. Hajjsjjaja excelente 😆

  4. It's German? Oh, I just KNOW someone is getting covered in fecal matter. I'm out.

  5. I hate this film so much.

  6. I'm Todd Howard and I made Skyrim fridge edition says:

    It's Just a prank broThe prank:

  7. Wow seem this film years ago as a teen and finally found it.

  8. I cannot understand this familly have some mental problem? They dont do nothing absolut nothing… doens make sense… in real world, anyone would fight…

  9. Wow assume that is not in English.. how do countries all across the world not realize that if the film is in an English it's not going to be shit.. Canada movies crap China movies crap Japanese movies big crap German crap like they should still make their movies but learn English..

  10. For anyone wondering what the short blast of hardcore music was, the name of the song is called 'Bonehead' by Naked City, from their 1992 album 'Grand Guignol'.

  11. It amazes me that these two brilliant, attractive, and relatively young actors are dead. I mean.. of course we're all mortal… but think of all the work left undone.

  12. This movie was stupid I can’t take movies where ppl are being tortured and not fighting back this is why I don’t like slave movies.

  13. This movie was dark as fuck! saw it at age 17 in 99 and not seen it since

  14. Really like this movie. They did a remake but I prefer this version although we make is also good.

  15. I’m about to watch it at brain dead studios in LA on fairfax on Friday

  16. Great film!
    The egg scene in the kitchen is one of my fave of all time

  17. I could tell that was Naked City by the horn before the vocals came on.

  18. Just watched the movie. Idk what i just watched…but it was goood 😉

  19. Lo mejor de la peli es que aquí escuche a jhon zorn por primera vez 🔥

  20. where can I watch? I can’t find the english version?

  21. Anyone know the trailer thrash music?

  22. Is that grindcore song by Intestinal Disgorge???

  23. Why are there two movies that are identical with different actors?

  24. One of the worst movies ever made. It's a phony raw artsy film with bad camera angles that people argue make you uncomfortable to be "brilliant" lmao. Breaking the 4th wall couldn't save this piece of shit. It's not even bad in an enjoyable way. It's a mess of a cinematic collage that wins over the hearts of pretentious hipsters.

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