Funny Games (1997) | Movie Review | Austrian -

Funny Games (1997) | Movie Review | Austrian

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Finally got to see the original after already seeing the remake over 4 times.

Funny games original and remake comparison:

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  1. Always preferred the '97 version. Performances are much better in that one imo.

  2. the 97 version , gave me a sense of how the war of 1940 was in some situations and places . with the certainty of the winner the closest feeling of that horror that i got from a movie , i guess .

  3. The White Ribbon is awesome. Have you watched it since? Also you should give "Amour" a shot, totally different ballgame but an amazing experience.

  4. I just watched this film and I don't know how to feel about it.

  5. I LOVE this film. It's the only film that has ever made me feel like I have something important to say about it. Let alone one of the only films that has made me feel that uncomfortable, and I cant fathom how these moments are created so brilliantly. These moments are common in his work he effectively makes people uncomfortable with harsh reality and long shots. Music is brilliant, acting is brilliant, the artistic intent is genius i do like the way he used the fourth wall breaking (sorry😪) I just think its genius

  6. One of the very few times where I prefer the remake still awesome though

  7. I used to also really hate 4th wall breaks. I never really liked it in any context and I’m still pretty picky with it. But it gives Funny Games a lot of its personality and works so well thematically I love it. Funny Games is one of my favorite films and I’m glad you loved it. I wi agree however a bit with you on the third act. I still love it though. It’s a 9/10 for me

  8. You better be carefuI. old man. or I'll break your eggs.

  9. I love both versions but there’s just something about the German version that makes me like it slightly more then the 2007 version. Maybe it’s because not knowing the language made it feel much more claustrophobic and amped up the tension

  10. I’ve only seen this once, but this is a movie with the power to stick with you for decades. One of these days I will return to it when I have plucked up the courage.

  11. I feel like Hanake was sort of “punishing” us for liking horror, and I don’t know how he would have done that as effectively if he didn’t break the 4th wall. He was essentially forcing us more to be participants in the depravity rather than passive voyeurs—which has always, in the past, sort of exonerated us from the guilt of watching horrible things being done to mostly innocent people. At first it seemed a bit self-righteous to me, but the more I thought about it, the more it did make me question why it has always been mostly pretty easy for me to watch horrible things done to mostly innocent people. With all that said, I still watch tons of horror, sooo…

  12. as an austrian its nice to have a baller director

  13. Absolutely agree there’s something about the original actors that feels so much more naturally visceral

  14. I think the most amazing thing about this film, besides everything you´ve already mentioned, are the Austrian accents. English people can´t quite appreciate them, but imagine it like everyone speaking with a British accent. I like Austrian accents, they sound awesome to my German ears…..

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