Funny Games 1997 (Lektor PL) -

Funny Games 1997 (Lektor PL)

Jacek Kutrowski
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  1. What! This movie is soo disturbing! I am not going to watch it!

  2. They're both exactly the same. Stop with the one was better. Ones in German, ones in English. Know the difference

  3. Sucks these 2 fucked up bastards won yet so awesome

  4. Those two guys should learn to mess with a member of Stasi (reference to Das leben der anderen)

  5. literally the same movie from the same director just released ten years ago seriously what was I supposedly missing.

  6. 미치놈 다른집을 또 죽이고 털냐 오진다인성 이런 거늬 민친거아 시발

  7. These kinds of movies annoy me. Like there isn't even a tiny bit of chance to win.

  8. are there no subtitles ? see i don't talk Polish, what a pity 🙁

  9. نعومى واتس اتهبلت عامله فيلم زباله

  10. The German version is the best. Don't even argue with me on this. I don't know why, but it's more real. I love the people more in it too.

  11. This is probably my favorite movie. I've watched this like 30 times, no lie. Never gets boring.

  12. Niemcy to mają głowy pojebane. Od zawsze chyba

  13. Great movie. I found myself laughing, yet internally crying.

  14. Nie rozumiem tego filmu jest zbyt skomplikowany

  15. Chorzy ludzie, chore umysły, film… dobrze się ogląda, tragiczny w sensie scenariusza.

  16. Boże ten film jest w chuj dobry (poza scena z pilotem) ale tak trudny do oglądania

  17. dzieci robią dzieci, dzieci zabijają dzieci

  18. そういえば、先輩って中国語で何て言うんだろ?

  19. Zbyt dużo gadania i przedłużania ,,akcji,, w bezruchu…

  20. Daje w psichike! To skończeniu psy hole i kryminału ci!!!

  21. この映画ホント悲惨やな


  22. Wow, why remake a movie if it is to copy/paste each shot ?

  23. nic tu ciekawego nawet na wagary na ten film bym nie poszedł

  24. The 2007 remake messed me up so much that I tremble with the thought of watching it a second time. It was so dark. Not a normal scary movie, just depressing and dark.

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