Funny Games (1997) - Intro -

Funny Games (1997) – Intro

Massimo Bolli
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Scena tratta da “Funny Games” (1997) di Michael Haneke.


  1. I've seen this video like five thousand times since it got uploaded and it still makes me feel like the first time I watched it when I was 12 lol so much euphoria but also scared ❤

  2. the loud grindcore music and the mundane setting was raw as shit

  3. i've worked on this song last year in school, i decided to watch the film and this was a truly bad idea (:

  4. I cannot even imagine what it must have been like to be sitting in a theater, be completely unaware of what's coming and then have this music blasting at you from all sides haha what a fucking madman

  5. So the american version is basically a shot for shot?

  6. Man… these dubbed versions are a plague… what a creative homicide. They should all be banned.

  7. Ogni elemento di questo film è assolutamente geniale!!!! Solo per l'intro ci sarebbe da andare a stringere la mano al regista per congratularsi!

  8. @BoccaUntaNonMente non è metal, comunque si chiama Bonehead è una canzone dei Naked City un gruppo definibile Grindcore sperimentale

  9. God, that's gotta be the worst song ever. Then again.. that was the point.The whole film test your nerves.

  10. One of the best opening credits scenes of all time

  11. I prefer the way it is done in the remake where the giant text pops up at the exact moment the loud music starts.

  12. So many people miss the point of this movie. The two guys know there in a movie, why they break the 4th wall more then once. Looking into the camera, rewinding time with a remote. Since there in movie with no recourse for there actions they just go around fucking with people.

  13. The greatest fucking opening of them all.

  14. Mai visto questo del 1997. Però quello del 2007 invece sì. Devo vedere di scaricarlo quello del 1997, anche se dicono siano uguali. Comunque grazie per l’intro.

  15. I love the 90’s striped t-shirt with denim overalls look. The film is great too.

  16. Thanks for posting my all time favourite movie opening scene!

  17. Awesome Haneke and Awesome Bonehead. Perfect

  18. I love the 90’s striped t-shirt with denim overalls look.

  19. Gaspar Noe was definitely inspired by this, to use such opening credits in his films

  20. he could've used some stupid metal screamo song too but this is v avante garde progressive grindcore stuff and v v tasteful in conveying the feelings

  21. I like the American version too, but it works better not knowing the actors/actresses.

  22. Fuck insidious, THIS IS a terror movie

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