Funny Games (1997)/Funny Games US (2007): Side-by-Side -

Funny Games (1997)/Funny Games US (2007): Side-by-Side

Matt Skuta
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A side-by-side, shot-for-shot comparison of Funny Games (1997) and Funny Games (2007). Usually, the videos in this series are intended to illustrate the the unique vision of filmmakers and the variety of choices possible when creating motion pictures adapted from the same written work or historical event and remakes from their original counterpart. However, the remake and original featured in this video are both directed by Michael Haneke.


  1. Funny…. the original has a realistic, everyday people kinda feel… the US version feels very “movie” people…..

  2. No remake for 2017? 😅 But the ending better be the other way😯

  3. Es increíble lo malo que es el remake: la iluminación es tan fría y ficticia, todo parece tan predecible, los actores malos también con las actuaciones exageradas, tan poco casual. Prefiero mil veces la original

  4. I appreciate they really just remake the movie instead of possibley ruining it with creative liberties. The movie is perfect as is.

  5. I don't think it really matters what version is better, or if it even needed a remake. I don't think it did. I think that's the point though. It's the same movie shot for shot, done by the same director, same script, same pace. The original Funny Games was meant to be a joyless, disturbing, emotionally draining film that drags you through the mindless slaughter of a family with no hope of being saved. The remake takes little to no creative liberties, doesn't really improve or remove anything substantial. When you ask why this remake was made you really can't think of a good answer. It's a completely superficial remake with no reason to exist. But I think that's the point. Cuz a lot of Funny Games leaves you asking "why?" with no answer.

    -i do kinda like the new actors better tho ngl-

  6. From 0:23 to 0:35 you can see a bit of Hollywood DNA, that nonsense or exagerated smile and pathetic happiness, all that kind of sweet kodak moment, so cliche, i found the original more realistic and fresh, they look happy too, but a nice and calm happiness

  7. Great video now i don't have to watch either one

  8. Aside from the dad, I like the casting choices in the original better. And like a lot of other people have said, the acting was way more natural in the original too.

  9. this way you just don't have to read subtitles

  10. they were both good. but i appreciate how the US version cut down on the violence to add more psychological horror instead. and everyone saying Naomi and Tim didn’t do well can suck it cause I thought they both were damn fantastic. especially Naomi

  11. I haven't watched the original but from what I can tell, the remake has a more ominous set of psychopathic guys, the remake also has a completely different atmosphere towards it, the original is probably better but the remake is a whole lot more psychologically scary in my opinion

  12. Hueva de película que coraje😡😡😡😡

  13. The Americans once again going for glamorous actors and destroying the main remit – which is realism. They are (most of the time) totally useless. Ich habe mir die österreichische originalversion 1997 gesehen, und sie ist unendlich besser.

  14. I like the new kid
    Did a better job at looking scared

  15. The Remake had a couple more things loved more: like in the scene we see Tim Roth take a bite out of a baggutte and eat it to get some energy in him, but quickly he's so distraught and beaten down he just takes out of his mouth and throws it on the ground.

  16. I watched the Austrian version first. Had no idea that there was a remake until I watched the film. I really like Michael Pitt in the Dreamers one of my favourite films, but I'm not sure if I prefer this version of Paul to the original. I guess he does have the look of a psychopath but Arno Frisch had a more natural way of playing the character, he even admitted it was fun and easy to act the role of a sadistic villain. The other cast members were fine not much difference, but Naomi Watts looked sexier and showed better emotions. In my opinion what makes the better version comes down to which actor played Paul the best,which is why I go for the 1997 version and it would be the version I'd show a friend first despite it being a foreign version.

  17. I love the 97s overall lighting way better than the new 1, not sure why but I do

  18. Original is way way way more cold chilling, better!

  19. Is the only reason for the remake that Americans can't read subtitles?

  20. It pisses me off how the family at first does the bare minimum to FUCKING FIGHT BACK!

  21. And now the same with Star Wars Episode IV and VII plz;) Just kidding, good job.

  22. The 1997 one looks more generous, modern one looks very pity.

  23. Like how the 1997 one is more colorful but still sad they both have bad endings
    As in, the main character still dies

  24. 3:32 Different doors and also I like how in the remake they swapped the brothers out for most scenes
    3:33 97 tv blood looks better

  25. Paul and Peter: Original
    Father: Remake
    Mother: Original
    Kid: Remake

  26. Nothing New, The American version is Cheesy and corny (a parody of itself) while the German one is gritty, Real and Frightning… Frankly this aplyes to anything Americans TOUCH.

  27. The originalovie is much better than the fake second film…. no comparation….the second is just for the money, but the original movie has an athmosphere unreachable

  28. I think the remake is just too white ahah but it does create a disturbing atmosphere. Talking about the actors, I like way better Peter and Paul from the remake!!

  29. I'm pity for American, unable to accept foreign movies.

  30. they really felt the need to change the short shorts?😔 damn

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