Funny Games (1997) Ending Explained | Haunting Tube -

Funny Games (1997) Ending Explained | Haunting Tube

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Thumbnail and Editing Credits: Sunny Fage
Script by: Aditya
Intro By: Nikhil

Aaj ki video me hum Funny Games movie ke baare me baatein karenge.

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  1. I'm being die heart fan of this movie seriously amazing movie

  2. I love his rrrrrrrrrrrrroten tomato word😂😂❤

  3. This movie is really a masterpiece… And director has clearly played with our emotions in a unique way… And i really like what the film has to say to us 🙂🤍💛🧡❤️💗💜💙💚🤎🖤

  4. Your voice is so good and your explanation is just amazing.

  5. Funny games US ki poster bhi in a way funny hai… They only highlighted the female lead's name… Because audience bhi mostly female lead ko dekhne k lie hi inclined rehti hai…

    Wase Aisa nhi bhi ho sakta hai… it's just an observation of mine… 😅

  6. Just by hearing your explaination , I can say this movie is really a masterpiece , i also think that gorgie represents our young self who wants to change things and save others but in the end he also became a victim just like even knowing the truth that they are manipulating us we let them manipulate . And also such big topic and how they showed it in a horror , psychological film is deserve more credit . And lastly , your explanation is best.

  7. Brainless casts…
    Brainless movie staffs

  8. Your explanation is love but this movie is dumb

  9. Review Caché from this Director and it's really mindfuck

  10. Extraordinary movie and legendary explanation

  11. Does anyone know why they used to wear gloves all the time

  12. This movie is literally the masterpiece!

  13. Well…. I think this movie is a masterpiece cuz it puts light on the dark side of media which is many a times covered up or hidden by other movies …. I didn't quite understand the remote scene … But later realised how it too represented a part of the dark side of the media …thank you so much for the explanation

  14. this movie will be always be relevant no doubt specially 2021. this is a masterpiece if u understand

  15. Fucking movie, fucking Peter fucking Paul.

  16. Story is yet to watcj… it similar to table no 21?

  17. Your explanation is mind blowing…!!!! 🙌 I mean… How can you even think so so much deeper!!!

  18. Wow! Excellent movie , excellent explanation . ❤️

  19. I didn’t wanted Ann's family to suffer. I wanted Peter and Paul dead. By the way the ending was very Frustating for me.

  20. This movie really tests my anger level….

  21. Great explaining nice video you are boss lol peace😊

  22. बहुत बढ़िया।।।

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