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Welcome to Disturbing Breakdowns, a series where we breakdown some of the most controversial, disturbed, disgusting, and horrific horror films ever released. Today we breakdown Funny Games, a movie about a family of three who are subject to wrong place at the wrong time type of danger. Wanna find out what happens? Stay tuned for the Breakdown.


  1. I strongly feel knock knock copied this

  2. Is this that Adam Sandler movie with the remote?

  3. For some reason out of all the breakdowns this one is the most disturbing for me. I guess it's because of the mental breakdown of the father

  4. Was force to watched this movie at 2 a.m., give me crazy panic attack until 5. Nothing, nothing is scarier than being killed for no reason, everything just felt so inevitable and possible here.

  5. out of all the movies covered, this is the one that disturbed me the most.

  6. I remember watching this for the first time with my uncle and cousin once the credits rolled they were pissed how it ended lol

  7. This is why it's best not to get married and have any children at all!


  9. Dude this ain’t a breakdown I don’t think you get the movie the director does this on purpose to question the public’s relation with violence by breaking the forth wall he s making us complicit it basically means if we are watching then we are accomplices of this violence all we have to do is turn off the tv. You are not breaking down the movie at all. All you are doing is telling what happened in the movie no intellectual analysis just a random guy spoiling the movie it’s pretentious of you to call this a break down

  10. Super Eyepatch Wolf referenced his film in his video where he talks about, well, disturbing movies. Except it was a joke. Basically "Let's talk about something nice! Funny Games! It's a nice film about camp and boats!"
    So I had to know and I had a feeling I'd find a SpookyRice video on it. (That I either haven't seen or I forgot that I saw it.)

    Edit: He wasn't wrong. It's just a nice movie about camping and boats! 🙂

  11. i can't believe i tried to watch this movie when i was 9/10 years old

  12. I like in your videos how you actually say what happened, like all the gore and shit most channels are worried about demonetisation so they never mention it or make it seem a lot less gory

  13. Can you review the movie high tension ?

  14. This movie was magnificent until Paul grabbed the remote and pressed rewind everything ugh then it just became ok….

  15. It’s crazy how the The remake to funny games has identical shot for shot even the music

  16. Why do all your videos never have recommendations underneath like ever other channel is yt screwing you somehow

  17. one of the most irritating twist i’ve ever seen in a movie, honestly lol

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