Funny Game Glitches(Best of 2021) -

Funny Game Glitches(Best of 2021)

Glitched Game
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Game glitches funny compilation, A compilation of the funniest and most unusual game glitches and fails from some of the most popular video games.

Games Featured

0:00 The elder scrolls V Skyrim
0:12 Assassins Creed 3
0:27 Baldur’s Gate 3
0:42 Assassins Creed Odyssey
0:57 Batman Arkham city
1:11 The Witcher 3
1:29 Assassins Creed Valhalla
1:50 Enlisted
2:01 Skyrim
2:25 Battlefield 2042
2:59 Assassins Creed Origins
3:14 WWE 2k19
3:31 The Last of US 2
3:52 AC Valhalla
4:06 Assassins Creed The Ezio Collection
4:25 Aragami 2
4:42 Sleeping Dogs
5:01 Marvel’s Avengers
5:23 Skyrim
5:38 Far Cry 5
5:57 Battlefield
6:26 Far Cry 6
6:46 Euro Truck Simulator
7:09 Red Dead Redemption 1
7:34 Shadow of the Tomb Raider
7:44 Paragrowth
8:03 AC Valhalla
8:13 Horizon Zero Dawn
8:34 Trails of cold steel 3
8:44 Riders Republic
8:57 Call of Duty Warzone
9:08 Red Dead redemption 2
9:24 Rogue company
9:39 Days gone
9:56 Fallout New Vegas
10:18 F1 2021
10:33 End Screen

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  1. This is the video that made me sub

    Edit: with notifications 🙂

  2. Le mec avec le skin switch qui fessait le floss bah c etait pas le floss c etait le floss circulaire c pour ça quil la mit que 1sec

  3. Get rid of that obnoxious loud flash of colors at the end clips.

    And probably should put a photosensitivity warning

  4. :30 Love that one, the graphics being that good along with how smooth she walks off does her contortionist bit is great.

  5. The dragonfly carrying the guy off killed me. 🤣

  6. Please remove the beeps in between clips. It ruins it

  7. Skyrim. So good People still play it after a decade

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  9. Guy: "I have to chop down some furniture :)"
    Furniture: 🏃

  10. "We won't allways be watching"
    **Proceeds to break her spine just to keep an eye on him.

  11. 4:20 oh hey, we have polish people in this comp
    but why is she like that…

  12. 7:46
    Player: "We have to chop down some furniture."
    Wardrobe: "You'll have to catch me first, motherf**ker!"

  13. 0:42 I think someone transformed into a horse or it's just a flying horse

  14. Ps5 AC Valhalla has a fun one where the beard physics sometimes won’t engage, causing them to point forward. 😆 (Day 1 disc version, don’t let it update)

  15. for the love of god what made you put these horrible high pitched beeps between every clip jeeeeez

  16. aww man that part at 7:10 got me. 🤣 Their is always glitches on that game and Far cry 5.

  17. 7:46 I can't stop wheezing at the wardrobe running away not wanting to be chopped it's hilarious

  18. 0:34 Bro you literally just said you won't always be watching. Then wtf is that????

  19. 7:10 “Better off with me mister” proceeds to warp through the fabric of reality

  20. You already know all that i now dragon fly comes and kidnapps him Im watching this everyday and cant stop laughing 😂😂😂😂😂


  22. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  23. that is an interesting interrogation tactic for assassins creed 3

  24. We always be watching 😂😂😂 She absolutely ment this

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