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we look at glitches in games
lots of clips from bacon

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  1. As a furry that profile picture is an accurate representation of us with normal people

  2. I love icon with a fursuit makes me very happy 😊

  3. i literally died when grandma bertha "hit her ceiling, fucking flying out of her chair"

  4. Quackity sounds so different now then he did back then like dayuM

  5. She's dead because she's bald.

    Bizzly wants to slap bald people.

  6. The fact that they kept saying Fallout 76 for Fallout 4 hurts me

  7. Was struck with the urge to play Skyrim the other day and not an hour into my playthrough I find a deer ass sticking upright out of the ground in the middle of a road.

  8. It triggers me that they all don't know the difference between fallout 4 and 76, and the fact THEY NEVER HEARD OF THE KHAJIT SPECIES IN ELDER SCROLLS, you guys call yourselves gamers but you really aren't it you can't tell the difference between fucking 4 and 76, or know anything about elder scrolls

  9. I had serana giant launched so fucking high it soft locked the dawn guard quest line from completing

  10. One of the games:I have the most funny glitches
    Another game:no me
    Vr games:amateurs
    One of the games:what was that punk?
    Vr games:amateurs

  11. Remember when Brandon wasn’t a weeb? Who’s a degenerate now Wildfartanz?

  12. I want someone to make a game where the Npc’s say “can I talk to you?” Before immediately saying “Bye” repeatedly to their boss who just slowly gets more and more fed up with it

  13. Its so weird watching this again KNOWING quackity just blew up with minecraft-

  14. i like how most of these game clips are just bathesda games

  15. "ill make captain for this"
    has his sword hit so hard he instantly dies

  16. I was in Skyrim once and I went to one of those ancient some buildings that have the tree monster things in it and one of the monsters threw a fire ball at me and my character flew really far while engulfed in flames

  17. You could have just put a compilation of all the glitches in sonic 06 and it would be as funny

  18. Seeing how many Bethesda is put in just shows how many 𝘧𝘦𝘢𝘵𝘶𝘳𝘦𝘴 the game have
    Also the fact that this guard(8:06) is just so dedicated to the job that he kills a person that the bounty is literally 1

  19. The fact that this video is filled with Bethesda games makes me smile.

  20. 6:53 This remembers me of the time the guards tried to arrest me for no reason in Skyrim. The gold they were offering for my arrest? 10. Just ten gold is all I had to pay. Idk why they treated me like I did something horrendous when I did nothing at all in that game, I didn’t even steal.

    Edit: Forgot to say this happened in Skyrim.

  21. i miss when quackity was in the commentary crew

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