Funny Game Glitches - Try Not to Laugh - Compilation Part 1 -

Funny Game Glitches – Try Not to Laugh – Compilation Part 1

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Try not to laugh challenge Game Glitches.
The best and most funny glitches in games will be in this compilations, subscribe for more!


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  2. I thought some were nostalgic and generally that were mediocre… But then Grand Theft Spaghetti Man happened and while I am not in a laughing mood right now (tired but not in the euphoric way), it was new and brought a smile to my face

  3. Would have been funnier without the random sound effects

  4. I luv glitches as long as they are not game-breaking.

  5. Wait a second.

    "CJ melting on a bike" is not a glitch…. it's a cheat.
    There is a cheat code for that

  6. 0:44 Pov: you are 3 year old that doesn't get what he wants

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