Funny Corporate Team Building Game | Non Verbal Communication -

Funny Corporate Team Building Game | Non Verbal Communication

Anchor Girish Sharma
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  1. This is a true gem. I recently enjoyed a similar book, and it was a true hidden gem. "The Art of Meaningful Relationships in the 21st Century" by Leo Flint

  2. Sir Sphinx hookah lounge kolkata. Airport. Fir kab aa rahe ho

  3. Wow the women are so much better at conveying the correct message then the men

  4. 4th wala , ganja maar k khel rha tha kya , satyanash kr diya

  5. That second girl ruined the whole activity 😂

  6. This was hilarious 😂😂😂😂❤❤❤❤

  7. Moral of the story kya mani jayegi isme, Girish ji ?

  8. Ek ek Stapes Sab ne kaam kar deye… Like fast wale ne 4 stap kiye fir uske baad wale ne 3… Stap fir aur kam hote gaye….

  9. Concept is if you don’t explain properly according to different users then it can be critical or missing information in the team or group.

  10. I'd have left the room before the video was over; what a cringeworthy waste of time.

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