Funniest Gaming Moments of 2021 -

Funniest Gaming Moments of 2021

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Hasn’t it really only been a year?

Thank you guys for watching, you’ve changed my life.


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  1. What's the game with the creature that scared him outside the window? The one that his scream made his gf scream

  2. 12:49 is looting really a warcrime I mean you can loot the enemy in war right.

  3. Ok so I’m not the only one that watches the show Cops. BAD BOYS BAD BOYS WATCHA GONNA DO WHEN THEY COME FOR YOU!!

  4. i love your content nano, what is the space vr game called

  5. I can't figure which country you're from. Your accent tells me you're not american… But I didn't think you could curse in spanish so well, caught me off guard

  6. You really wanted the immersion on that cutscene so much you didn’t even see the cutscene

  7. If spoonkid and pewds had a baby, it'd be you.

  8. Damnn that was frankie in that one clip where you knifed the players in squad he needs to come back man

  9. Learning english and laughing:)

  10. Wow, the video is very useful, I wish you continued success and good health.

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