Funniest Game Show Answers of All Time -

Funniest Game Show Answers of All Time

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The dumbest, oddest, and craziest answers ever said on various game shows.

Footage credit: Stupid Gameshow Answers and Atomic Wedgie


  1. The 10 decades thing was honestly so cute and wholesome

  2. Mexico is actually a sovereign state, just not a US state.

  3. “Fish love”
    What an idiot it’s clearly Fish Lips
    “Wish list”

  4. The facial expressions of the woman who gasped and blurted out 18 at 7:32 absolutely kill me, I love her lmao.

  5. 4:56 where are these two now? Are they still together or are they sadly divorced because they are/were amazing together

  6. "name an animal with 3 letters in its name", well he ain't wrong. alligator got 3 letters, and more. he didn't say "exactly 3"

  7. Wishing peace and rest to the game show hosts that have passed… absolute treasures, all of them.

  8. People that have been infront of crowds, answering questions…. I can dominate game shows in many categories at home. But in a studio? Even ones I know I will likely miss. Plus entire range of Jeopardy I have no good answers. Family Feud if you think. It should be easy.

  9. I like how calmly Freddie says “penis” without even needing to hold in a laugh, or his embarrassment

  10. 5:34 “Tell me a slang term that means wife.”
    Craig: “Bitch.”
    Karen and Monica:

  11. Sadly people these days will give these answers intentionally for a chance at viral fame.

  12. 6:43 is funny because it's not even a dirty answer because the word "Dick" is slang for "Detective"

  13. Interesting to see the jokes they make back then that ate still used today. You always imagine it was more proper and puritan back in the day

  14. Omggg i thought "fish love" too when i saw the thumbnail !!

  15. For some reason I laughed the hardest at fish love

  16. The duel of the commenters: guy with a mustache and guy without a mustache vs Justin y and owo

  17. Honestly the last two fellas aren't wrong. Frog and Alligator both have 3 letters in their name. The question wasn't "name an animal with ONLY 3 letters in its name"

  18. Intentional Boomer humor is really just…hating the people they marry????

    Geez, calm down. So…Show me on this doll where she touched you.

    Me: FISH LIPS 😲

  20. Some of these answers are giving me "Are the straights ok?" Vibes.
    Like ma'am blink twice if you need help!

  21. On the "Name a famous Willy." part, the dude could've said, "Definitely not mine."

  22. Honestly maybe the funniest thing about ten decades guy is that 44 years old, at 4 years a decade, isn’t even 10 decades

  23. Now who the fuck is Willy the Pooh?

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