FUNNIEST GAME EVER | West of Loathing - Part 1 -

FUNNIEST GAME EVER | West of Loathing – Part 1

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West of Loathing had me laughing hard the whole way through!
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  1. me and my friend just finished playing this game so iwent back to watch this. a classic
    also you couldve friended the goblin by going to dr alice and giving her the nurse whiskey, then going in her house and reading the books.

  2. You are currently rewatching this series again, scrolling through the comments. You have come upon my comment you might be reading it, or not. Might be leaving a like or going to to say, “I didn’t like your comment” and if you did you’ll probably specify it, and if you don’t do either you think you’ve fooled the system, but you haven’t. You might haven’t even read the comment all the way through. As you listen to Mark laughing you might still be reading this or other comments, you’ve watch this so many times you know what’s going on without looking. You’re still reading and if not, that’s ok. I’m still typing to this day, you might come back to this comment and see it’s gotten longer, and that it’s edited. This may just be a lie, but you’ll never know until you see this again. Or decide to read it.

    I’m still here. Still watching, you need to stop. I can’t anymore. I continue.

  3. Oml I forgot about this until today.
    Well I’m gonna go watch the entire series again

  4. Rewatching this series again for the third time because I love it

  5. I think this is the 10th time I've watched mark play this game, it's just so good

  6. What was the dlc that he played for this called I can't remember

  7. It's been 6 months and I am watching it again I have a problem

  8. Saw this in my recommends and decided to watch for the 10th or 15th time idk 🙂

  9. Hello Gamers i have suscribe and Like

  10. Situation: Finds a book about dumb walking.

    Conclusion: GIGGLYPLIER

  11. L̵̩̇̏Ŭ̵͙Ņ̶̻̎̓K̶̖̯̎͠Ỹ̸͇̠͑ L̵̩̇̏Ŭ̵͙Ņ̶̻̎̓K̶̖̯̎͠Ỹ̸͇̠͑ L̵̩̇̏Ŭ̵͙Ņ̶̻̎̓K̶̖̯̎͠Ỹ̸͇̠͑ L̵̩̇̏Ŭ̵͙Ņ̶̻̎̓K̶̖̯̎͠Ỹ̸͇̠͑ L̵̩̇̏Ŭ̵͙Ņ̶̻̎̓K̶̖̯̎͠Ỹ̸͇̠͑ L̵̩̇̏Ŭ̵͙Ņ̶̻̎̓K̶̖̯̎͠Ỹ̸͇̠͑ L̵̩̇̏Ŭ̵͙Ņ̶̻̎̓K̶̖̯̎͠Ỹ̸͇̠͑ L̵̩̇̏Ŭ̵͙Ņ̶̻̎̓K̶̖̯̎͠Ỹ̸͇̠͑ L̵̩̇̏Ŭ̵͙Ņ̶̻̎̓K̶̖̯̎͠Ỹ̸͇̠͑

  12. Came back to watch this after seeing Gawr Gura's stream.

  13. I only created this so that I can comment ! says:

    A dumbass named Mattriones said hi


    spelt Gryffin not Griffin BUT LETS GOOOO

  15. i just bought it for my nintendo switch

  16. Some references are from the fallout series and skyrim

  17. Hi Markaplier what are you doing tomorrow?🏇

  18. Nice video mark and can you play minecraft hunger games?

  19. I remember this first coming out and not watching it and now I binge this a lot, 4 years of awesome since this, good work!

  20. I love this series! I remember watching this back then. Damn timeflies does it.

  21. 2:10 After all the episodes in this playthrough, and after all the times I've seen this playthrough, the normal walk cycle actually looks weirder than the stupid walks.

  22. It’s been several years since I played this game and I just came to a realization. Russell the crow is named after Russell Crowe….

  23. This game is hilarious. Just rewatching the series and I forgot what a quality game this is.

  24. I never noticed this but at 19:40 it says “apply at the Yuma Marshal’s office”

    I live in Yuma, AZ, known for all of the Wild West stuff and the southern railroad. There’s a movie called 3:10 to Yuma and the main character is played by Russell Crowe, which was alluded to in the beginning of the game.

  25. Anyone watching this 4 years in the future

  26. I saw this series when it came out, I remember it, and until I came back didn’t realize it was 4 years ago

  27. The more I watch it the more dnd references I see

  28. every so often i come back to rewatch this series bc this is genuinely my favorite video game and this series is so goddamn funny

  29. This feels like it was finished just a few months ago

    Has it really been 4 years?

  30. This’ll be my third time watching this series. I’ll just keep noting the amount of times I play through again

  31. Who else agrees that mark was the perfect person to play this.

  32. Whenever I'm feeling down, I come back to watch this. This game made me crack up when I played it, and watching Mark laugh every time fills me with joy.

  33. Stupid walking is the best part of this game btw it's on the switch

  34. Mom I don’t need therapy, I have Markiplier playthroughs to rewatch

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