Fun at work - communication game -

Fun at work – communication game

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  1. YouTube ne etna jldi recommend kaise kar diya

  2. 😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃

  3. It's funny…Trust me If I were.. I can't do it..feeling very uncomfortable sort of thing..better to have wFH

  4. Bhai ye game dekhke sarkari paise or yojnaao ki yaad aa rhi h jo sarkaar se to aati h pr beech m netaao dalalo ke chlte last tk 1 aam aadmi ke paas pahuchne m uski kya haalt ho jaati h.
    (Game m achhe se dikh rha h same conditions😶)

  5. Thats India in a short funny video..Stupid jokers

  6. I'm amazed… ths much of fun… loved it 🙂

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  8. H like this ur videos fun at work out more videos of this kinds so we don't have presure of. Work out some iT company. Lifestyle. Videoss how they enjoy life we r working in malls we dint no. How. IT company remove time for there self in full day shudle. .

  9. Loved it 😅😅too good missing my office also

  10. In this way only world history is conveying to new generation..

  11. Hamane bhi khela hai Aisha game maza ata hai😅😂🤣

  12. Nice msg .in playing…which office company it is…what is location..

  13. Fun is always honest with true hearts…..

  14. Which place & what kind of training period is this???

  15. Just relex but coming very laughing😄😄😃🤣

  16. The game shows how people perspective varies from person to person on a single bit of logic.
    So never judge a person by someone else thought process.

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