Filmmaker reacts to Funny Games (1997) for the FIRST TIME! -

Filmmaker reacts to Funny Games (1997) for the FIRST TIME!

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Hope you enjoy my filmmaker reaction to Funny Games. 😀

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  1. Sure you know by now but the same filmmaker did an American version that is literraly shot-for-shot, line-for-line the same. When you ask people which version is better, you might catch on that it almost always depends on which version they saw first. I think that's because a major part of the experience is surprise and shock, which is of course majorly lessened when watching it a second time.

  2. Try "White Ribbon" by the same director. It is brillant.

  3. Yeah, you are supposed to feel frustrated and powerless. You made all the exact same comments I felt watching this. Especially about how completely unflappable the killers are. There is never one moment where they are not in control. They never for a second worry about their power over the family. I believe Haneke wanted to deconstruct the revenge-film with this movie.. the idea of violence as entertainment. So he makes this movie where you never actually see the violence happening. Rewatch it, you don't even see a shot of the golf club hitting the guy in the leg. You finally get that one glorious moment of bloody violence, then he immediately takes it back. It's not meant to be the killers having god powers, it's the FILMMAKER having god powers over the audience. I think in the end your meant to question why you wanted the movie to be a bloodbath in the first place. Why do we set up these horrible scenarios in movies so we can have the justification of watching the bad guys get brutally killed in the end? What is it inside us that sees this as entertaining? Few filmmakers confront you like Haneke does.

  4. I love cinema, but to have my movie collection be somewhat reasonable, both monetary- and space-wise, I am only focusing on very special movies, though ranging from artistic to cult classics. I have Werckmeister, Kwaidan because of its hand painted sets, American Astronaut, Man Bites Dog, Begotten and other such amazing pieces. There are so many great directors, Bela Tarr is my fav, Kieslowski, Greenaway, Noe, Lee Chung-Dong, Jeunet, Miike to name but a few.

    I order to "protect" those hard to find movies from nosey friends, I have couple of pieces I gladly loan out like, Salo, Irreversible, Funny Games. Needless to say, all said friends have averted their prying eyes.

  5. you have to react to white ribbon, its his best movie

  6. James, I quite literally just finished watching your Videodrome reaction FIVE MINUTES AGO and thought, "Wow. He would really appreciate Funny Games." As soon as you mentioned the word "manipulative" in that reaction, I knew this movie would have to make an appearance on your channel.

  7. the biggest mistake the family ever made is the opened the door for strangers, that was the most part makes me very mad, we here in Cairo Egypt dont just open doors for any one, there is enough crimes happened back then so the people just learned the lesson.
    what ever the looks of the people behind the doors – except police of course – are not trust worthy.
    but other than that the movie is just brutal and dark. and in this movie's universe, those 2 guys will just keep killing families.

  8. This is my top pic for the best home invasion movie. I saw this at some kind of micro film festival in Sweden in the late 90's. Thinking back on that festival I'm convinced that they didn't even have permission to screen movies. Anyway, this movie was the standout for sure, still love it. The writer/director later re-made this movie in 2007 with American actors, and while it's not a bad movie, it feels completely pointless since it's the exact same script just filmed with different actors, good actors for sure, but I still don't see the point.
    Bottom line, I really like this movie.

  9. You definitely shouldn't watch See no Evil then James! Next level frustration with the protagonists…..but perhaps it would be another great reaction…!

  10. I handled basically everything in this movie fine, but the damn dog flopping out of the car absolutely broke me.

    This film is superb at making you feel utterly powerless and helpless.

  11. Hate to admit it, but I saw the US version first in the cinema, and it was up until that point one of the most frightening things I've seen.

    The US version is almost scene by scene the same as the OG, just no subtitles for the American audience. Made some ten years later, it only has mobile phones instead of landline, and LCD TV instead of the old TV. Kinda pointless remake, but yeah.

    After seeing that this (same) film wasn't all that scary anymore.

  12. Would love if you did some more Haneke. Literally all of his movies are incredible.

    Cache would be the best one to react to I think, it’s maybe my favourite film of all time

  13. Man try watch BENNY VIDEO made by the same director of funny games

  14. Please, someone suggest The Wicker Man(1973) and the British horror Possum. I know FOR A FACT that James would love both

  15. One of the most disgusting films ever made

  16. Ok why didn’t someone tell u to react to the American version? I usually feel we(Americans) ruin remakes but like ours better and a great cast

  17. Another fantastic German psychological horror movie is Goodnight Mommy. NOT the American remake. It's worth a watch if you ever get the chance.

  18. When’s the next time you’re doing a poll for tv shows?

  19. hell yeah thats my second favorite movie ever!!! glad you liked it!!!

  20. Dude… your entire commentary is me watching the news everyday…😂😂😂same EXACT words….. you definitely have a new sub 🤣🤘🔥🤘

  21. Ulrich Mühe was a great actor who died too early (2007)… he was married to Susanne Lothar who plays his wife in Funny Games, she studied Drama in my city Hamburg and she died 2012. He played also the main character in The Lives of Others, the movie won an Oscar for foreign language! Greetings from Hamburg, Germany❤

  22. Yeah, there is a newer version in English.

  23. That opening song is Naked City, a John Zorn ensemble with special guest singer Yamantaka Eye, the frontman of the legendry Japanese noise group the Boredoms. When I first saw this I was shocked to hear Naked City in a film,

  24. Haneke is a terrifying man lol I feel like he could break me down in conversation alone

  25. The first time I ever saw funny games it was when some friends put it on one night and I had no idea what it was about, never heard of it.

    Absolutely one of the best movies to go in blind I've seen

  26. typical austrian language-mix, kinda like canada or Belgium where they also speak multiple languages.

  27. i watched the other version of the movie blind, looking for random early 90's ‐ mid 2000's movies on netflix i think, few years ago. It was an experience

  28. It's twisted and kinda outstanding at the same time. It's definitely frustrating that family members don't have a singal violent bone in their bodies. Especially the dad who almost didn't fight back at all. But the dynamic between the killers is darkly entertaining to watch and how Paul messes the audience. I kinda prefer the US version because Naomi Watts gives her all as the mother being more expressive. Also Michael Pitt and Brady Corbett are excellent as the killers

  29. haneke is a must for fiom enthusiasts! check out his oscar winning movie "Armour"

  30. I’ve had a broken knee. Had both legs broken. A plate and seven screws out in my left knee, then later taken out. My knee will never be the same. All that to say that if his knee is broken it’s not so much the pain but he literally couldn’t stand on it. The intruders were smart to take out his leg

  31. Haneke loves making you feel insanely uncomfortable for seemingly no reason, and then when you find out why you're feeling like that it's always a gut punch

  32. I personally dislike the 'twist'. It comes off as heavy-handed and with zero subtlety. It's kinda like looking down to your audience.

  33. I have been really enjoying your videos. I would love to see more German cinema. White ribbon for instance…also I think you would enjoy Fassbinders movies…Fear Eats soul being a great example….

  34. Can you react to American version of this movie?? 😁

  35. The only Italian heard in the film is "Ciao bella" before they throw her from the boat 😂

  36. Yeah the English language remake is scarier to me, but only because the cast is so incredible. It's impossible not to be terrified by Michael Pitt as a psychopath. Both versions are equally traumatizing and disturbing though. Might just be a matter of the subtleties of language that I can't pick up on from a foreign language film.

  37. this is a film that demonstrates its control over the viewer

  38. The fact that the intruders aren't physically threatening is what frustrates the audience even more. The family just exist for the purpose of torture.

  39. Dude, there is a US remake of this film which is also on youtube. It's a 1:1 copy of the Austrian original.

  40. "some families don't really have that dawg in them. probably because their dog's dead." 😭

  41. 7:27 "I'm so upset, because this film puts me in a powerless position". I think you put the finger on it right there. This film is one of the most disturbing ones for me I've ever seen, because it's so "real". You should watch the American remake with Tim Roth and Naomi Watts too, if nothing else, because it's a brilliant way to see a pretty much scene-by-scene recreation.

  42. "nobody youtuber """"fillmmaker"""" reacts to a movie he will never be able to compete with as art or entertainment because of a pure and total lack of understanding of the artform"
    fixed the title 4 u homie, stay on yt, it's where you belong

  43. Just watched the US version (shot for shot the same), and essentially the TLDR is: Too much soy in your diet leads to two sissies from Yale will being able to dominate and off you.
    Note: the US version shows a carton of "Silk" on their fridge so…

  44. I saw this film at a grindhouse theater back in high school. The place was old, had squeaky ratty seats and low turnout – really added to the atmosphere lol. My friends and I went in totally blind. This was way before I was into horror and I think I repressed the memory because I had no idea I'd already seen this until watching your video and the metal title card went up

  45. I watched the original and the remake not long ago and love this film, but I actually prefer the remake!
    Naomi Watts and Tim Roth are exceptional, but Michael Pitt and Brady Corbet just bring a whole new level to the villains and play them SO much better than the actors in the original, in my opinion. Michael Pitt and Naomi Watts especially both really make the remake better for me. Devon Gearhart as Georgie is also one of the best child actor performances I've seen in recent years.

  46. i am starting to believe that the myth is true : ,,black people would survive a horror movie

  47. The problem about "fighting for your life" is that once you passed that flight or fight moment it is hard to fight the fear once again. The man is crippled and the child is always in mind. I think you would be suprised how much fear can petrify people.

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