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What do we think of Amazon’s take on Bethesda’s universe? Find out when Greg, Bless, Mike, and Andy dive into their thoughts!

Time Stamps –
00:00:00 – Start
00:08:33 – Housekeeping
00:14:04 – Fallout TV Series Review
00:46:45 – No New Game: A Missed Opportunity?

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  1. Everyone raving about New Vegas a game where you do nothing but wander with no events or interactions until you reach a city. I feel like Obsidian is one of the most overrated studio. New Vegas was boring. I've played The Outer Worlds 3 times I still don't know any of the characters names, or what even happened in the story. Grounded is fun with friends but has a trash story. Pentiment was boring. I just find their games a chore to play. IDK man.

  2. Weekly episodes are never better than getting them all at once. These guys don’t realise because they work with people who are obsessed with games and movies and tv. However the average joe doesn’t have that. Most guys who work a regular job arent gonna have 10 people to have “water cooler” talk about a tv show every single week.

  3. Given the production team and the fact the Amazon has the highest set rated streaming shows, I really don’t see this as a suspense, general gamers did because general gamers are idiots who can’t see past a franchises labeling

  4. Bless basically spoils everything without saying exactly what happens… Like, dude, you may as well just spoil what happens at that point. I don't understand why they insist on having him on every show?

  5. 250 dollars caught me so off guard, I almost spit out my coffee lmaooo

  6. Nah who’s the first person that had their PS3 overheat and thought “let me put this in the oven”?

  7. Starting to feel like Microsoft might have overpaid a little for Bethesda Game Studios.

  8. Great review, definitely gonna check it out. My favorite video game adaptations are Castlevania, Arcane, Onimusha, DOTA: Dragon's Blood, and Cyberpunk: Edgerunners (all weirdly on Netflix, lol).

  9. I know it’s not this simple but a series x/ps5 update for Fallout 4 dropping the same time as the TV show would have really hit.

  10. I'm a little bummed that Fallouts 1 and 2 didnt get any mentions, especially with the show being in Cali

  11. Mike talking about being able to play with friends as a positive for 76, but that's the leading reason I dont like it.

    They can add all the NPCs and whatever they want, but the core design of how the game works is not something I want from a Fallout game.

  12. Walton Goggins is amazing in Fatman! My new favorite Christmas movie for the past years, must watch!

  13. Yall laugh at the guy putting the ps3 in the oven but every time my 360 got the red ring of death, I’d wrap it in towels and let it over heat until it fixed itself. Worked every time lmao

  14. The roguelite DLC for Splatoon 3, "Side Order", is very fun. I highly recommend it. I'm playing it as I listen to this so I was pleasantly surprised to see Splatoon brought up.

  15. The Fallout: London mod comes out at the end of this month I think and looks really good

  16. Longest KFGD ever … blitzchung controversy conversation … Gary and Greg like 4hrs long first topic was at least 1.5 hours

  17. Mike's Wolverine sweatshirt goes so hard

  18. I never really played fallout but the lore is interesting. I will try to watch this show.

  19. Johnathan Nolan is so underrated. He said in an interview that he was a gamer and played the fallout games. And only took the job because he played the games and had the freedom to make his own stories unlike certain adaptations.

  20. Anyone know Blessing's jacket brand ?

  21. I fully expect Fallout to blow Last of Us out of the water in popularity due to being on Prime with HBO being very limited. Max is yet to be everywhere although that will change soon, Prime is the second biggest to Netflix.

    If they push it hard then it's just going to grow and grow.

  22. Mikes the kind of guy to throw money in the bin because he likes his pockets to be empty when hes out and about.

    I genuinely think he hates cash 😂

  23. Welp guess I'm playing Fallout 3 AGAIN

  24. Haven't watched Kinda Funny in a while. But, the energy in the beginning of this show was GREAT!

  25. Save this shit for the other channel, I'm here for games and mt dew, not tv shows

  26. This is so relieving to hear after the Halo show

  27. Excited for tomorrows pokeman stream. Andy has put some good work preparing for it.

  28. Mike drinking $10 bottles of water in this economy smh.

  29. $250?? Holy hell, dude. When they eventually do an intervention for Mike, do you think they’ll stream it live?

  30. The problem with betraying your fan base to be a corporate left wing shill site is that you lose the credibility of your detractors even when they may be interested in a good old honest tv show review.

  31. WE MUST PROTECT MIKE AT ALL COST! Goddamn treasure that man is.

  32. Greg saying valorant looks like Gary’s mod was hilarious 😂

  33. Blessing must have been watching another show. How could you watch the first episode and say it was slow?

  34. Kinda Funny friends and fam…if you haven't seen Yellowjackets with Ella you're doing yourself a disservice.

  35. Mike is really good at reviewing things

  36. God I can’t believe how they got me to re-fall in love with fallout. It “fell out” from time and future tech… but they really did make it feel like your own fallout story. The most horrifying comedic mess… prime f*cking did it again. Fallout and upload all I need from them. If last of us needed a competitor to be better for next series…. Prime did it with fallout. And my god. If they go to new Vegas I’m gonna Jonah hill scream and hug my wife

  37. I know game development is tough and all that jazz but Xbox and Bethesda completely dropped the ball by not having a Fallout remaster of any kind to line up with the release of the show. I fell like they just can’t get it right 😂

  38. I guess we're meant to hate Maximus? Introducing the brotherhood in episode 1 was a big mistake. They're meant to be a complete contradiction to the rest of the wasteland. They're organized, clean, and have technology other factions do not.

  39. I want to finish Shogun before I start this

  40. interesting that this gamescast has almost 20% downvotes. Since when are people so salty about fallout?

  41. I thought Tim was the Host of Gamescast and why are they not talking about actual video games. They have another show to talk about tv/movies.

  42. As someone who hasn't played any of the Fallout games; this was definitely a great show. Highly recommend! Although I think some game fans seem upset about something maybe ret-conning Fallout: NV or something? Idk.

  43. The only character that I can think of who appeared in the show and in the game is Mr. House.

    Although the show is set on the West Coast and not the East, it is however set in 2277. So we can conceivably see characters from Fallout 3 (also set in 2277).

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