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Every Street Fighter 6 Character Confirmed! – Kinda Funny Games Daily 09.16.22

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Blessing and Tim talk about Street Fighter 6’s full roster being revealed, big Tekken 8 news, and Elden Ring winning best game at the Japan Game Awards.

Time Stamps:
00:00:00 – Start
00:03:11 – Housekeeping
Clerks 3 in review is up right now!
The Roper Report –
00:05:13 – Street Fighter 6 has revealed its full starting roster
00:11:57 – Some good ass Tekken Updates
00:26:31 – Elden Ring named 2022’s best game at Japan Game Awards
00:33:06 – PSVR games are not compatible with PSVR2
00:37:45 – Vince Zampella thinks EA ‘strayed too far from what Battlefield is’ with 2042
00:41:51 – Suikoden I & II HD Remasters have been announced
00:45:23 – Genshin Impact Is Becoming an Anime
00:51:15 – Out today
00:53:20 – I am Sam – Jordan Deeb
00:57:55 – You‘re Wrong

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  1. Japan Game Awards only chooses games made by Japanese studios for their GOTY. The one exception since it started in 1996 was Ghost of Tsushima (2021).

  2. 1:20… fkn christ Bless. You gave Indiana Jones shit, but you are watching that Twilight garbage willingly? No gun to your head, million dollar reward??? Did we enter some sort of twilight zone and I missed that memo or something??

  3. My favorite thing that Tim does is he always tells us he loves us. No other host does that I think, but when Tim does it feels so genuine. We love you too bro. ❤

  4. Thats pretty funny I have a similar take on Tekken as Time does, I was a huge Tekken 2-4 guy but then stopped for whatever reason and seeing that trailer for Tekken 8 has me sold! I’m hyped for it 🤘🏼

  5. twilight night? that's a full day. sony doesnt care about bc, how did any of you ever think psvr2 would be bc? time and experience would point to the opposite, its your own fault for thinking they would support bc. Tim needs to try and make triple-anus a thing.

  6. Suikoden 2 is literally godtier is better than most classic ffs trust! Buy it people!

  7. The only game I had any interest in for PSVR1 was Wipeout Omega Collection, but one game wasn't enough to justify the price of the headset. If it doesn't get updated to support PSVR2, then that's also going to be a hard pass for me. I already have a Quest 2, which doesn't get that much use to begin with, so spending hundreds on another VR headset is going to be a big, BIG ask…and no BC for PSVR1 games just makes that ask even harder.

  8. I'll sign up for Patreon if Tim can promise to not drink Iced drinks on-air. I'm gonna post this until it happens lol.

  9. What a strange gaming world we live in that in 2022 we can say Konami is releasing Suikoden I and II remasters but nothing on Metal Gear Solid or Silent Hill (yet). And I love Suikoden, but it just seemed like it would be lower on their priority list.

  10. Hahahaha!he said triple anus! Didn’t know if they would catch that. Lol!

  11. "Looking at the triple anus of it all." -Tim
    Had to go back to see if I weren't hearing correctly. @40:18

  12. All I need on PSVR2 is for Tetris Effect to get ported over.

  13. Bless with that smart delivery rant… I love you bro lol

  14. Tim and Blessing, the fact that you haven’t played Suikoden shocks me. But it shocks me even more you said you won’t play it. YOU NEED TO PLAY IT! Especially after Blessing loved Live Alive.

  15. Now that Tekken is moving to Unreal Engine 5. They can finally do Tifa justice as a guest character

  16. Is gaming lean towards like Nasa where we forgot how to go to the moon.

  17. My video game dream: BluePoint level remake of the entire Legacy of Kain series followed by 2 God of War level follow ups to Defiance that finally completed the story.

  18. Blessing, The PSVR 2 could definitely play PSVR games tech wise. Going from light sensors to inside/outside cameras is a software rewrite that could be done by Sony (there are maybe 400 PSVR games total) thus why a patch from devs could work, or it could be done on the tech side where the new tech is emulating the old tech. SONY just isn't doing it, because they know they can be anti consumer, and people will still buy their products at this point.

  19. Regarding the technical possibility of PSVR backwards compatibility, Blessing is confidently incorrect. It IS possible because Meta did it. All Oculus titles work with both the Rift and Rift S because tracking is handled by the Oculus software stack. This is Sony being greedy, as usual.

  20. In a hypothetical fight to the death who would be the last kf member standing? Please give details in the order of who and how each of you would die, guests allowed to pull up for assist once

  21. 40:19 "looking at the triple anus of it all . . .getting bigger, bigger"

    I dont know tim I'll let you look into that

  22. This is what EA needs to do; they have to in hard on the "triple A ness" of Battlefield if they want to achieve full penetration.

  23. The fact that ragnarok isn’t even out yet and saying will it get gory while Eden ring has been out all these months kinda speaks to the bias, at least elden ring “surprised” your expectations

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