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Ep – 10 Yaaron Ki Baraat Celebrity Hindi Zee Tv Show Watch Full Series On Zee5 | Link In Description

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Yaaron Ki Baraat is a Hindi Tv show hosted by Famous Bollywood Celebrities Riteish Deshmukh and Sajid Khan. This Tv Show is light-hearted comedy Tv show, Bollywood celebrities who share a strong bond Off Screen, are invited for a candid chat. The celebrities make some funny revelations and confession about their life and friendship ( Dosti ).this Tv Show host Riteish and Sajid with their quirky one-liners and impeccable comic timing add lot of Fun watch Riteish and Sajid add their own touch of fun, frolic, spice and quirky humour to the show.

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  1. Who else see sanjay dutt Rolex worth 100000

  2. Love Sanju Baba …. Hit like if you do❤

  3. Vastav is great it is the movie I love to watch every time

  4. Aur mere city se hai baba jhelumiboy from Pakistan 🇵🇰

  5. सोनाक्षी सिन्हा जी काजोल जी अजय देवगन मनीष तिवारी 🥶🥶🥶🥶🥶🧡🧡🧡🧡🍍🍍🍌🍌🥥🥥🌼🌼🌿🌿💗💗🇬🇶🇬🇶🇬🇶🇬🇶🇬🇶🤴🤴🤴🤴👨‍💻🚍🚍🚔🚔🚍919596 yas x ok good mornig s पैसा देना जब भी भगवान मैं आपको सद्बुद्धि दे मनीष जी मूलचंद जी 10,000+10000 राधे राधे गुड मॉर्निंग as

  6. मनीष जी सलमान खान की काजोल जी सोनाक्षी सिन्हा जी पीएम नरेंद्र मोदी मूलचंद जी 🥶🥶😐♥️♥️🖤🖤💗💗0022 yas

  7. Darwaja band kar naa maa ye dilouge sunkar maa kasam aankh me aansu aa jata hai

  8. 7:25 hum gareebo ki aukaat hi kya h ye duniya hi ameero ki h hum gareeb to bechare chup ho hi jayenge

  9. Mera bhi sapna hai Ajay Sir se milna chahta hu.

  10. If ajay devgan is quite silent then something special

  11. Sanju Baba's heart is very clean.
    Truly good hearted person

  12. Ye dono jaha jate hai waha ka state hit ho jata hai

  13. संजय दत्त एक अलग एक्टर है क्या स्टाइल kya swag एक अलग अंदाज़

  14. Ajay devgans face expression lookin at sanju baba is priceless. No wonder why they say Aries ppl tend to be Leo's biggest supporter n guardian angel

  15. The ayush was great yarrr………. look at that also naaa……

  16. Virat be like iska to game bajana padega 🤣😂🤣

  17. Jabtkp 🙏❤️🙏❤️🙏❤️

  18. Wow ❤ iom Mojeb Bakhteyar from Afghanistan ❤ 🇦🇫 🇮🇳🇮🇳

  19. Sanju baba is a gem . Since childhood I admired him , I used to talk about him all the time that ballu is my frnd . Still he is my ballu .

  20. Amitabh Bachchan is love. Her is under-rated but I love him, ❤️😍

  21. Abeshek act like he is already a legend like his father amitab but abeshek does not know for a fact that he is only notice bcoz of his father or eles he would have disappear long bak

  22. Lov from ajay mi biggest fan ajay sarvach

  23. 5:53 kisi se nahi ho pa rha hai. 😂😂😂😂 the legend one and only shree
    amitabh bachchan sir ji. Jaisi acting koi bhi nahi kar skta ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  24. I love this acting of sanja. Vaii💓💓💓🖤🖤🔐🔐

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