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Easy Icebreaker Activities: The Numbers Game

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Are you in need of easy icebreaker activities for your next event or group gathering? Why not try out The Numbers Game? The Numbers Game is a perfect icebreaker for large groups or small groups and is sure to get your people up and moving around. Use this simple icebreaker game to energize your crowd and fill the room with smiles.

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  1. Hi! I need any icebreaker games for both (verbal and non verbal communication) separately for each like for verbal one icebreaker and for non verbal communication one icebreaker, Can you plz help me?

  2. Played this game at event. Was so fascinating and really dope.

  3. wow thank you so much ill use this definitely

  4. I have used your activity with hearing impaired students they really enjoy it can you provide your Reference soo that i can add that in my thesis

  5. What if I call number 8866, how can the group arrange it?

  6. So creative!! I can't wait to try it out!

  7. Fulfilled game, I definitely will be taking this to my youths!! Thank you.

  8. Great video but it is displaying page not found for the free resource to download

  9. Using this for my teen youth group at church also, love it

  10. Will be trying this game at the church picnic, we played this game on my cruise it was so much fun.

  11. Love this doing it in summer school with my students

  12. This made me giggle. I have a birthday dinner next weekend. I’m gona give it a try, lol.

  13. I am glad that I could find this game when I Googled for fun games

  14. Awesome game! Your new friend here. Thanks for sharing ❤

  15. If trans have their way, then next time we’re gonna have problem figuring out how to refer them as, cos God knows what they identify as

  16. FB-Prof. José Paulo da Silva Machado says:

    amazing! super easy and great activity!

  17. This game is very fun for the kids i used this game for my lesson in commutative property for changing position or place🥰

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