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EA Looking to Sell?? – Kinda Funny Games Daily 05.23.22

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Krysta Yang from the Kit and Krysta podcast joins us to talk about how EA may be looking to sell, Spider-Man could’ve been an Xbox Exclusive, TikTok’s gaming prospects, and more.

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Time Stamps –
00:00:00 – Start
00:03:19 – Housekeeping
A new episode of the Kinda Funny Xcast is UP with SnowBikeMike and one Kahlief Adams talking all about what modern sports games are missing compared to the greats of NBA Street and SSX Tricky.
Screencast is popping off in a BIG WAY this week, later today we will have our reactions to the new Mission Impossible trailer AND our review of chip n’ Dale Rescue Rangers, TOMORROW we will have our Better Call Saul Final Season Part 1 review featuring Jake Baldino, AND this Friday we will have our review of the first two episodes of Obi-Wan Kenobi featuring Saige Ryan.
The Roper Report –
00:05:22 – Report: EA Looking To Sell Or Merge
00:15:55 – Xbox ‘turned Marvel down’, leading to Spider-Man on PS4, exec reveals
00:27:34 – TikTok Is Already Testing Games as Part of Its Service
00:38:10 – Ads
00:39:24 – More classic PS Plus Premium titles have been sighted on the PSN store, with added features
00:50:51 – Last day of Wii U and 3DS funds
01:00:13 – Out today
01:02:04 – You‘re Wrong
Tomorrow’s Hosts: Tam and Whitta

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  1. All of the console cheerleaders are hoping everyone will be bought by their chosen company. Watch your hopes. Someone is going to inevitably get acquired by Facebook, Amazon, or Tencent or something and removed from the table for all console gamers. And if you pop a boner over Microsoft doing this and removing things from Playstation or vice versa then you can't even bitch when that happens

  2. Good podcast episode Janet; cool to see Krysta as a guest—seems like Kit couldn't join.In the topic of EA looking to be bought or are selling; this might be one of the top 3 3rd party companies that would be crazy gaming news if they are bought/acquired (Activision Blizzard, EA, and Ubisoft are the 3). I honestly don't feel like any company is going to buy EA as a whole; there's just too many studios/IP's for a company to buy it all. The only major companies that can be in consideration to buy EA as a whole are Comcast (NBC with the recent news), Apple, Tencent, or Microsoft. By far Microsoft are the only major company that has the most potential to buy EA as a whole considering they don't want other major companies to find a way into the gaming industry, but then Microsoft has to be deal as a monopoly as they recently acquired Activision Blizzard. So my guess is that EA is going to be picked off by Sony, Microsoft, Ubisoft, and maybe Embracer Group; we probably won't see Nintendo participate in this acquisition—unless they really want a certain IP or Studio but I doubt it. IP's and studios might be picked off and go to another company or be merge with another studio that is not owned by EA.Also I'm in agreement that we are "a fan of EA to some degree." Of course there's more hate to the company as they are known for their mobile games, monetization schemes, or lack of development in modern games like in FIFA, Madden, or Battlefield. But we forget that EA does own or help produce other IP's like Apex Legends, The Sims, Need for Speed, Mass Effect, Unravel, and Dead Space; or new IP's like Knockout City or A Way Out/It Takes Two that have found some common success.

  3. Uh oh bless Janet coming after u over best kfgd host

  4. I personally hope no one buys EA and their value tanks when lootboxes become restricted. Maybe then we can get worthwhile sports games again.

  5. I hope Microsoft don’t buy them most their games r shit unless they bring back games from ea big

  6. I hope EA sells off all their studios and just dissolves. I never want to see the EA logo before a game again. They've ruined so many of my favorite franchises and games.

  7. Fucking PLEASE SELL IT. So someone can make a battlefield again

  8. Thank you both of you ladies. They are right about marvel spiderman rights and more.

  9. Here’s the problem EA knows that a recession is coming not only that most other major companies know that a recession is likely coming. Why would I buy you now if I know your stock price is going to be lower in the future and you might be more desperate then. I think the big guys are going to maybe look at smaller acquisitions anything that hasn’t been inked or isn’t close to being finished as a deal right now they’re going to wait on because a recession is likely coming and that means your company would you want to sell would be worth less in the future if I have cash I’ll just wait and buy you for the lower price.

  10. I dislike EA as much as the next sensible gamer but I still return to Battlefront 2 and Battlefield 5. They're both beautiful well made games that I still have a lot of fun with. Also Need for Speed Heat is the best racing game I've played in a long time. I have always enjoyed racing games that are more arcade like and getting chased by the cops makes the races that much more fun.
    I'd love to see EA broken up and it's studio sold on a more individual basis. I never played Anthem but I love to see someone buy BioWare and resurrect that game. I'd also like to see the next Mass Effect as a fully planned out trilogy. It's time they take that concept to the next level.

  11. Gaming crash is a coming but Nintendo will save it.

  12. Women? On MY KFGD? LETS GOOOOOO!!! representation!

  13. I mean, Microsoft could have hired insomniac to make the game just like Sony did. And they could have also bought insomniac later like Sony did. But oh well.

  14. A Monday without Tim and Bless? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why~?

  15. I’m here for the first ever all ladies episode.

  16. I really hope EA merges with Ubisoft and Makes EASOFT lol Both of those companies are sinking but I don't think they should try and sell themselves to a tech company like amazon or apple.

  17. Going along with Janet's comments, I could see Nintendo potentially not porting WW HD due to adding Game Cube to NSO at some point. I hope that is not the case though. I just want WW and TP on my switch so bad.

  18. There's no reason to not think that if Microsoft got Spiderman that insomniac wouldn't have made it . They had just done sunset overdrive for them

  19. If Microsoft had said yes to Spiderman imagine if they still went with Insomniac since Sony hasn't bought them yet, there's a good chance Microsoft would've bought Insomniac and they're be working on wolverine rn

  20. Janet has instantly become one of my favorite people in the industry 🙂

  21. Ea on Wednesday during the earnings call: we are NOT looking to be sold to anyone but we are looking for possible new studios to buy
    Kotaku on Friday: totally real news, ea wants to sell to someone else, our source? Dude just trust us!

    I wish not every bullshit rumor and speculation in the gaming world would be taken as facts, that's how you create fake news which this is btw but I understand it's currently really quite on the gaming news front.

  22. Man, I am a regular user of PC Game Pass and am about to hit 100k gamerscore, but I gotta keep it real, Xbox made a TERRIBLE choice not going hard after Marvel and/or Insomniac.

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