EA Cancels Secret Titanfall Game & Nintendo Direct Incoming?! - Kinda Funny Games Daily 02.02.23 - game-webites.net

EA Cancels Secret Titanfall Game & Nintendo Direct Incoming?! – Kinda Funny Games Daily 02.02.23

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It’s a big news day! Blessing and Tim talk a rumored Nintendo Direct, a secret Titanfall game cancelled, and Wolverine maybe coming next year.

Time Stamps –
00:00:00 – Start
00:04:23 – Housekeeping
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The Roper Report –
00:07:21 – A new Nintendo Direct could drop next week, it’s claimed
00:22:25 – EA cancels a secret Apex Legends/Titanfall game in development
00:37:21 – Ad
00:38:37 – Marvel’s Wolverine could release as soon as late next year
00:41:55 – Gears 6 is reportedly The Coalition’s next game after 2 other titles were canceled
00:50:00 – Wild Hearts will have free post-launch content and no microtransactions, it’s claimed
00:53:11 – We got PlayStation financial results baby!
00:58:07 – Sony is Testing Discord Voice Chat on PlayStation 5
01:02:04 – Back 4 Blood Support Ending
01:04:15 – Out today
01:08:37 – You‘re Wrong
Tomorrow’s Hosts: Tim & Bless

We’re here to talk about video game news!

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  1. I feel like grubb gets way too much flack from a specific community and I noticed it only really started after gamesbeat gave returnal a 3/5.

  2. Grub more or less confirmed wind waker on the switch for the previous direct….so yeah he is not a reputable source.

  3. EA at almost every chance does the exact opposite of what great studios like Naughty Dog and Santa Monica Studios do. Which is instead of giving the fans what they want they give them what the corporation needs. This is just like what happened when they canceled the Star Wars single player game that was gonna be directed by Amy Hennig.

  4. i didn’t know E3 had that kind of power! 🤣

  5. I have no idea how Tim kept it together when Bless read "hard R" lol. I died 🤣

  6. I myself was personally excited for this Coalition game when they first announced it years ago. So this cancellation is very disappointing and falls into that Xbox stuff that sucks.

  7. On the kit & krista (ex Nintendo employees) podcasts they mentioned at least once that Nintendo is quite sensitive about pre-Direct hype and tries to minimize it as much as possible. I wouldn't be surprised if Nintendo changed the Direct date, just to bring the hype down a bit

  8. I think the solution for EA and TF3 is they have to create the TF3 campaign for $60 with a free multiplayer arena shooter with skins and maps and DLC characters. The VALORANT model is kinda the way to go. Apex has deeply rich character design and it gets people to dump money into the game for the cosmetics. Making TF3 an open anthology to Apex allows circular development new stuff in TF3 that works well can be adapted to Apex.

  9. Lately I’ve been buying Call of Duty for the campaigns, it’s why I returned for MWII since I loved the reboot story. Didn’t have enough interest in the story for Vanguard to buy it and the Black Ops sub series has had stories interesting enough to get me in for Cold War a couple years back.

  10. I found the GoW Ragnarok info in Sony’s earnings release and I believe it’s saying that the game sold 5.1 million in the first 5 days and has sold 11.0 million in 75 days (through 1/22). So the 11 million figure is total sales. However the way it is presented it is easy to misread it as ps4 vs ps5 sales.

  11. So are Respawn even allowed to make a fucking game at this point? or are they just forced to only the star wars Jedi series forever?

  12. You guys have high hopes for Nintendo, but you have to think about how they are planning their future and if you do so you can see what’s likely to come in the short term. Think about this in the next year Nintendo needs to launch a new system. The Nintendo switch is getting old I know they plan to ship more switches than ever before this year but it’s getting old people want a new version of the system even worse developers want a new version of the system so they can bring more up-to-date games to it perhaps first of all Nintendo wants a new version of the system because well, they want to bring the new stuff to their system as well. so if they know they have to launch a new system sometime next year they’re going to want the new stuff then all those system sellers do you want to have when your new system launches especially for Nintendo in this case because their next system is probably going to be more expensive than $300 and they are going to need a selling point. Remember, the Next system needs a real hard drive. The next system will have to function using parts that are more expensive due to inflation so more likely than that that system will cost more money and they’re going to need something to get people to want to buy it because the closer they get to $400 the more likely a person will buy a PlayStation over a Nintendo system. They will need games to sway public opinion towards their system. So they will hold off releasing the good stuff especially when they’ve seen time and time again they can re-release games and we will buy them. Look at how much right now the legends of Zelda breath of the wild cost that game is $40 on disc. that’s crazy for how old that game is Nintendo can still sell it for $40. Sony couldn’t do that with any of their franchises Microsoft could do it with any of their franchises. It’s crazy but Nintendo does it and they will do it again with the re-releases. Meanwhile they will hold off releasing new games until next generation or at the very least at the end of this generation who knows they may try for a double flip by it on this system get it on the Next system for $10 more.

  13. Tim managed to get Skyward Sword & Wind Waker mixed up at least twice.

  14. Titanfall 2 has the best FPS campaign ever made, in my opinion of course.

  15. Has Blessing never even tried any of the gears games? That series is an example of a shooter story that’s actually pretty great. Gears 5 was really awesome too.

  16. I think my dualsense has updated 3-4 times since 2020… just plug it in when it tells you to and you won't get pestered haha

  17. Shock horror… Redfall having to be online at all times doesn't get talked about despite them going on about it when GT7 announced it. And ironically, GT7 + PSVR2 leaving people speechless on the same day isn't worth mentioning…

  18. It’s not the “state of the world” please stop saying that. It’s not everywhere in the world. Sure bloat and fat trimming happens. It’s not ohhh we don’t know whose fault it is like pre recession gouging is a brand new concept. Whenever you say these things it takes a spotlight off the issue. CEO’s refusing to take a single penny pay cut. While companies simultaneously buying all their stock back
    For billions all while having record breaking years over and over and over. Ultimately this isn’t just some faultless mystery phenomenon. This is bourgeoise and the capitalist owning class doing their business as usual. No corporate apologist.

  19. It’s okay dude you can say it. No one’s gonna take you out. Companies are robbing people of their jobs in order to bolster a stock portfolio. Class owner VS labor issue. Not to be taken lightly plz.

  20. Boys Nintendo not coming to onE3 because it’s a light year. Tells me the next Direct we get is going to suck. All we will get is more Zelda TOTK, Pikmin 4, Kirby Remake, Advance Wars. Shit we already know. Only new thing is maybe that Metroid Remake/Remaster. Prime 4 ain’t happening. A new DK ain’t happening. A new Star Fox ain’t happening. I’ve given up hope that a good direct will happen.

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