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Family Feud
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Here are the all-time DUMBEST ANSWERS Steve Harvey has ever heard on Family Feud! Enjoy!

Producer & Editor: Ed Delage

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  1. none of us are gonna say it, but we’re all definitely thinking it 😂

  2. Anyone else notice the same ones with stupid answers?

  3. GOOD ANSWER !!!! Not. At least they come by their stupidity honestly.

  4. Poor Steve, some people are dumb as rocks.

  5. Steve Harvey was the best host in my opinion so funny.

  6. Why didn't she try the word "mamA"? 😂😂😂

  7. Best answer I ever heard was “name a word that comes after pork” answer “u-pine”

  8. How is it possible to be this dumb and then celebrate their "good answer"

  9. There is a pattern here mister

  10. what are the last 2 answers to the mother question?

  11. That mom one foreal had me in tears. Haven't laughed like that in a bit😂

  12. What was the two missing answers from the "mother" question?

  13. The funniest part of family fued will forever be the "tell me another way people say mother" Steve is hilarious and im not sure that lady knew he was poking fun at her 😂

  14. Point out to her that is like “SHE-la” and “She-LA”…………I wish I could have been there when Sheila watched this…..oh, my Gosh! Poor woman…..she will NEVER live this down!

  15. The "mommy" bit was hysterical. I'm lmao

  16. The whole mom thing could be solved by saying ma’

  17. I guess it's the truth when they say schools are rotten in black neighborhoods

  18. Their voice says "good answer, good answer" but their mind says "whaaat the…?"

  19. Anyone else notice the creator’s unique style?

  20. I always laugh at the fools who say "good answer" to a bonehead answer.

  21. read and white house and long pants always gets me no matter time i see it, and whats wrong with that mom, keep saying the same words just with a different sound all the time, mommy,nana it really arent funny just sad

  22. Just got broken up with and I found myself here. Even though I’m in so much pain this made me smile.

  23. This is so FUNNY 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 to ME !!!!!!!!!!!

  24. I love how all the family members are forced by the producers to clap and cheer even though they know the answers are moronic.

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