Deathloop Reviews: A Game of the Year Contender? - Kinda Funny Games Daily 09.13.21 -

Deathloop Reviews: A Game of the Year Contender? – Kinda Funny Games Daily 09.13.21

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Blessing and Tim talk about all these Deathloop reviews, Fortnite’s new season being cube shaped, and more!

Time Stamps –
00:00:00 – Start
00:02:00 – Housekeeping
Our Deathloop review is up right now! It’s a Kinda Funny Gamescast featuring Gamespot’s Tamoor Hussain and PS I Love You XOXO’s Janet Garcia. It’s in depth, it’s spoiler free, and it’s up right now on and Podcast services around the globe.
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The Roper Report –
00:03:42 – Deathloop review round up
00:17:00 – Do you think we should wait until games created wholly under Microsoft’s ownership are released before making that judgement? – Best Friends Q:Grezick
00:27:00 – Fortnite season 8 is all about the cubes – Andrew Webster @ The Verge
00:37:20 – Ad
00:39:13 – Nintendo drops base model Switch price in Europe – Danielle Partis @ GiBiz
00:47:28 – Multiple Little Big Planet servers are shutting down – Taylor Lyles @ IGN
00:49:55 – Hideo Kojima wants to make games that change in real time – Tom Ivan @ VGC
00:52:20 – Out today
Reader mail –
00:53:30 – TV and monitors and want to take full advantage of the consoles. – Parker Begale
00:55:00 – Squad Up:geekreate(Genshin Impact (PC, Mobile, PlayStation 4/5 cross play)) UID: 612040573
00:56:05 – You‘re Wrong
Tomorrow’s Hosts: Greg and Whitta

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  1. Those Kojima Microsoft rumors are looking more and more likely. I think games that have systems 'powered by the cloud' are going to become more and more prevalent. Having cloud based ai with some sought of machine learning that can react to player would be awesome.

  2. Tim I use the CX OLED TV because your recommendation and I love it. I wasn't even expecting this but it works as a PC monitor way better then any other TV I've used.

  3. Blessing’s turning into, “not” the new face of video games anymore, haha!!

  4. There won’t be a switch pro. Nintendo can still make the games/experiences they want to make with the current switch. And given that a new switch model (oled) is to be released at over 4.5 years since first release, that is Nintendo’s ‘switch pro’. Of course they’re working on a new console, which will undoubtedly be very similar in form/function. Who knows what they’ll call it. But that will be a new console. Not a ‘pro’ version of the current switch.

  5. I'd put money on them not doing a "Switch Pro", its too late now. Instead look forward to the Switch 2. Aptly named "Switch 2 U" bringing it full circle back the WiiU era.

  6. Is there a link to the tv there talking about I need a new one myself

  7. Just bought DeathLoop because of you guys 🙂

  8. I like how he focuses only on the positive reviews. Feels disingenuous to shy away from all other reviews that highlight criticisms just to validate and push your own opinions on your audience. Seems like SkillUp didn't get a review copy, ACG gave it a "wait for sale", MattyPlayz said it was Arkane's most underwhelming game yet, and Ben Moore from Easy Allies gave it an 8/10. Remember who is trying to sell you a game to their own benefit, and who is trying to help you make an informed decision.

  9. If theyre doing a polo shirt, the logo should be kevin riding on the horse

  10. I can't believe all these guys claim to be the King of Halloween and they don't even know the Halloween colors. PURPLE. COUNTS.

  11. Blessing's Fuck Boy levels are rising. I fucking love it.

  12. First thing I said when I saw Carnage was "Oh shit that's a red one" 😂😂😂😂 stupid ass movie trailer is stuck in my brain

  13. Blessing Rocking the Steve Urkel is what Tim tries to say

  14. Please stop with the Halloween shit

  15. Bittersweet GOTY for PS fanboys 😅 good luck getting Deathloop 2 on PS 😂

  16. Can Blessing not say prepositions? He keeps calling Life IS Strange just Life Strange, and I always noticed he left "of" out of Ghost of Tsushima.

  17. The shutdown is better because it has a timer and everyone gets up for it if they can or goes on the moment they can the next day. It builds hype to check their twitter mini announcements and the hype for the next day is insane.

  18. Listening to this is KILLING me lol. I downloaded the game on PC last night, but some error is preventing me from playing. So I guess I have to live vicariously thru Tim and Bless until I find out what the issue is

  19. I get annoyed sometimes that now there’s even a standard to the “type” of 10/10 a game is. Just because it’s not GOW or BOTW their scores are somehow different? I hate that the Sony precedent of third person open world games seems to be the benchmark of what a truly great game is when that’s not everyone’s cup of tea. If Xbox is putting out it’s own version of a great game why can’t they just get that respect instead of it having to be a mirror image of something Sony offers?

  20. Cant beat the pure picture quality of Sony A90J and Panasonic JZW2004 but those are frkn expensive. Plus inferior Mediatek soc.

    Got the LG G1 for now and man…. you wont be dissapointed. Definitely get the 1 instead of X. Had them both and that new EVO panel is really excellent!

  21. Whoa. Hideo's words sound like someone who's sick

  22. Lol it is so cringey to hear Sony fans give Microsoft props. It was hurting blessing to say nice things about Xbox. Lets just game everywhere and end the console wars

  23. Pretty much all Xbox studios have insane talent.
    I don’t think they will ever get to the point of consistent “bangers” as Sony is acclaimed to have when GamePass is so core to the ecosystem.
    The only way that happens is insane monetisation in those AAA games to account for the dev cost/financial losses by putting them out day 1 on GP.
    IMO Xbox has kinda backed themselves into a corner promising all 1st party studio games come to GP day 1. There should be limitations I feel.
    I dunno….

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